Embracing The Boho Style With A Boho Wardrobe Collection

Finding your fashion style may be a little tricky as your preferences can change over time. Your style represents your personality, so you try to pay attention to what you wear. If you’re someone who enjoys layering unique accessories or is drawn to retro patterns with neutral and warm shades, then boho might be your style.

Bohemian style is often related to hippie fashion influenced by 70s style accents and mixed with eye-catching unique accessories. Boho fashion includes a wide range of clothing and accessories, from boho tops, dresses, skirts to unique necklaces, earrings, and rings. Furthermore, this style is on the creative and more relaxed side of fashion which is why it is preferred by many.

Elements, Materials, and Patterns In Bohemian Fashion 

Boho fashion is among the fashion styles that have distinct characteristics which make it stand out. Generally, bohemian style is incorporated with natural materials, drawing inspirations from nature-inclined shades and designs usually have rustic and artistic elements consisting of floral, folk, and ethnic patterns.

Some of the common materials used for boho clothing and accessories are:

  • Lace – different from the usual, boho lace is mostly rustic in appearance and often in the shades of white or ivory
  • Denim – wide varieties from dark, acid, light, and distressed
  • Suede – the material normally used for creating boho accessories and footwear
  • Wood – another material that is common for boho shoes, bangle bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories

Another distinct feature of the boho style is rich bohemian patterns such as tribal, floral, lattice, trellis, and paisley. Additionally, boho style comprises different techniques and embellishments that complete the artistic vibes of its clothing and accessories.

5 Must-Haves to Complete Your Bohemian Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re going towards the bohemian path regarding your fashion style and wondering how to start, here’s a list of boho staples you will need for your capsule collection.

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1. Boho Tops

When it comes to bohemian-inspired tops, you will want to look for clothing pieces that are loose and relaxed. In addition, boho designs are:

  • Mainly three-quarter or half-length sleeves.
  • Off-shoulder cuts.
  • V necklines with mixed patterns and designs or embroideries.

2. Boho Bottoms

Boho bottoms tend to be simpler compared to the tops. Loose, flowy patterned skirts, flared silhouettes, printed midi skirts, or neutral-toned pants are what you usually see for this style.

3. Boho Dresses

Boho dresses come in different lengths, midi or maxi dresses, with prairie designs, loud patterns, lace texture, or embroideries. Most people pair boho dresses with denim jackets or loosely patterned cardigans to complete the look.

4. Boho Footwear

As for footwear, it is heavily influenced by either wood or suede materials. Warm hues like beige, grey, or brown are common tones on boho platform heels, flats, or low cowboy boots.

5. Boho Accessories

Accessories are what bring out the entire style. Boho accessories have elements of fringe, tassels, ethnic designs, and antiqued finished pieces. You can also match the style with rattan bags and belts or pieces with patchwork designs and braid detailing.

Boho style has become more than just an aesthetic and fashion trend. It has evolved to be a way of life because it unleashes creativity and embraces comfortability. So if you enjoy expressing your earthy, free spirit, gypsy vibes, bohemian fits your style personality well.

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