Emerging Trends in Confectionery Online Shopping in UAE

It is indeed an undeniable fact that there will always be a place for confectioneries in the market. The chocolate market of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) alone stood at $1.3bn in 2017 and was anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 12 percent until 2023. The main factors for this anticipated growth include rising consumption of chocolates among youngsters falling in the age-group 5-24, the growing urbanization across the GCC region, the habit of gifting premier chocolates to our dear ones, etc. Rising tourist footfall, an expanding expatriate population (which is increasing the influence of western culture), the higher disposable income of the middle-class population, and growing awareness about the health benefits of chocolate are some of the other factors that can be expected to propel the growth of confectionaries market through 2023.

However, as we all know, confectionery is not a term that can be limited to just chocolates; it includes snacks, chocolates, and candies like crackers, Cookies, Biscuits, Cream Biscuits, Rusk / Toast, or Gluten-free Sweets and Snacks for healthier options, etc. In the last few decades, supermarkets in many countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have been experimenting with a variety of confectioneries to win the hearts of confectionery lovers. Let us now look at what some of them are.

Recent Trends in the Confectioneries Market

Various sources indicate that chocolate manufacturers have been witnessing a shift in consumers’ attitudes towards life. This has made these manufacturers innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of consumers in confectionery and snacks in several ways. Given below are some of the facts that clearly show this change in attitude:

  • Many global firms are forced to rebrand their chocolates and create a healthier image in their customers’ minds.
  • The sophisticated attitude of people in the Middle East, as well as Africa, has triggered an increase in demand for premium, high-quality chocolates.
  • Consumers have started looking for low-calorie confectioneries.

Consumer Expectation from Confectioners

Researches indicate that the trend of confectionery online shopping is not likely to die out soon. Surviving in this kind of market requires the ability to satisfy customer cravings via quick and efficient delivery services. If you have noticed, all of us tend to look for interactive experiences while we visit shops. Influenced by the US, Europe, Japan, and Korea customers are also on the lookout for trending products and nostalgic items.

Future of Confectionery Industry

The confectionery industry is expected to remain on the rise, regardless of the pandemic, and has proven time and again it is a resilient industry. Rising disposable income is seen as one of the most important factors for bringing forth the demand for confectioneries in the marketplace. It is expected that the increased acceptance of westernized food and the daily routine of customers will create ‘n’ number of opportunities for the confectionery industry.

However, the key to remaining competitive for any retailer remains the ability to provide an amazing customer experience by creating a strong, believable, and relatable brand. Being authentic is something that can create loyalty and one must always remember to develop distinct products

Confectionery Online Shopping Via Quoodo – How It Works

The best part of shopping confectionery online is the ease of ordering confectioneries via a smartphone or a laptop, from the comfort of your home. At Quoodo, we keep ourselves abreast of the latest trends in online shopping to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Collaborating with the best merchants enables us to offer the best quality products for you to choose from. Some of the items available in our range of confectionery items include Chips and Puffed Snacks, Indian Sweets & Snacks, Sugar-Free Snacks, Cracker, Gluten-Free Snacks, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Block, Compound, Healthy Bars, Cookies, etc.

So, the next time you feel a sudden urge to have a bite of your favourite confectionery product from your favourite brand, make sure you purchase from our store for a quick and fulfilling shopping experience. Our services which are inclusive of free home delivery and the option to make payment in your preferred mode (in cash or via card) are sure to make your shopping experience truly fulfilling.

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