Eric Schmidt’s Quest to Revolutionize the US Military with AI Technology


Artificial intelligence which is commonly we referred as the AI technology. It is the advanced technology and perhaps the best inventions of the last decade. It has a huge upside potential with very little downside risk. Artificial intelligence has been revolutionized in the last ten years to us like the primates discovered the fire and enjoyed the verity of the benefits from it. Artificial intelligence perhaps the best thing we have seen in the modern world. Today we are going to discuss about Eric Schmidt’s Quest about the AI Technology in the process of doing Revolutionary up gradation in the US Military. Because AI is the cutting edge high tech technology for creating imminent upgrade to the military projects and next generation of super law enforcement equipments which have huge military applications.

US Military can be upgraded in several ways by following Eric Schmidt’s Quest Artificial intelligence about including increasing efficiency of the products, reducing costs of the materials and last but not least by improving decision making software. Some of the greatest ways AI could be used to transform the US Military in powerful law enforcement force are described below:

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Intelligent Logistics service:

On the area of logistics where Artificial Intelligence can bring a huge positive impact for sure. As we know the US Military has to generate highly exclusive logistical operations from the past. In this case Artificial intelligence can help the scientists of the US Military to improve the efficiency and speed of their operations. AI operated systems that could be automated in the field of managing inventories. Artificial intelligence operated machines can predict almost any kinds of equipment failures in the instance. It can optimize supply routes with minimal efforts In order to reducing costs and improving delivery times.

Autonomous vehicles upgrades:

The US Military spends billions of dollars in order to get the best of the best automobiles in the battle field. They are already investing and researching on in autonomous vehicles dependable on Artificial intelligence. Either it can be used for transporting the troops and supplies or conduct reconnaissance. In the event of engaging in combat situation Artificial intelligence operated autonomous vehicles can be the reliable and the fastest both at the same time. It runs as the most accurate and pretend to be much safer than human operated vehicles. Because of that the US military can reduce the risk to military personnel and enabling more effective operations in future.

Get the reliable intelligent analysis:

The US Military generates and works with big amounts of data each and every day. Artificial intelligence can be the most effective and most reliable option of choice to analyze this data. It can be turned into very extract valuable insights. Artificial intelligence operated systems could help identify potential threats in case of any emergency and deploy counter measures immediately without having any error. Artificial intelligence can predict any kind of enemy movement and take strong steps with calculated outcomes without any hesitations. It can provide superiors accurate real-time information in order to make accurate decisions.

Acquiring Intelligent Cyber security:

In today’s world with the increasing amount of reliance on technology we can say that cyber security has become a potential concern of the US Military. Artificial intelligence operated cyber security systems can help the military force to identify and prevent potential cyber attack before they are too late to secure their confidential data. These systems can automatically analyze the network traffic efficiently and if it detects any abnormal behavioral pattern it can notify the authority as soon as possible. Artificial intelligence can identify vulnerabilities and make the military aware in order to take proactive measures to protect their systems and data constantly.


Artificial intelligence technology bears the potentials to revolutionize the US Military and it can be a grand slam home run. It can help the US military in several ways. By using these technologies the US Military could improve effectively themselves. Artificial intelligence technology can reduce costs rapidly in the mean time it can enhance the modern safety of military personals.

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