Eye bag and eyelid surgery

In many cases, just opening the eyelid surgery causes the eyelid to appear naturally. Unlike Westerners, Easterners tend to have eyelids that cover the inner corners of their eyes (Mongolian eyes). This makes the eyes look too short, uncomfortable, and the eyes look far apart. It may also make your eyes look fierce. Even with double eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery But if not open the head and eyes as well The eyelids will not stretch out. Eyelids fall and look unnatural.

Eyelid surgery can correct uncomfortable and aggressive eyes. Help your eyes look brighter and bigger. Long eyes will help you look fresh. But the big disadvantage of open eye surgery is that it creates a visible scar.

A new incision is made to keep the scar close and parallel to the eye membrane. Therefore, no scars are seen. The eyes are longer, helping to make the face look brighter and softer. If an incision is made in combination with double eyelid surgery, the results will be more satisfactory.

The width between the eyes should be proportional to the eyes. When the eye is opened, the eyelids that cover the eyes are removed. Your eyes will be longer and look fresher. The buds look like the petals of an orchid. eyes look tender Helps to correct unnatural eye layers It also solves the problem of lashes pricking inward. and can solve the problem of the eye strain as well

Eyelid surgery method

1. Designed to fit most faces.

  1. Cut off the eyelid skin and hide the scar. Keep the incision close and parallel to the conjunctiva.
  2. Minimize the excess skin at the head of the eye.
  3. Sew the wound inside so that the scars are not visible. The eyes look naturally beautiful.

2. eye opening

Eyelid surgery is eye enlargement surgery Helps to make short eyes look longer. It is a surgical procedure that does not take into account the depth of the conjunctiva. Therefore, the edges of the skin and eye membranes cannot be sewn accurately. The tissues at the top and bottom will heal again. Make the corners of the eyes come back together.

Based on the experience and long research of the surgeon It is important to prevent the dissected eyelid from coming back together as much as possible. must determine the length of the eye calculated from the position of the pupil and the width of the sclera and have to cut off the skin that will stick together again in order to fix the disadvantages of not allowing the skin to heal again Eyelid surgery can help solve the problem of squint. eyes will be longer look bigger and fresher

3. Eyelid surgery method

  1. Determine the position to open the eyelid in the eye area.
  2. Slit the skin to scrub the skin tissue from the corner of the eye to be at the bone membrane.
  3. Cut off the excess skin to a minimum.
  4. Sew the wound inward so that the scar is not visible. The eyes will look naturally beautiful.

4. Different types of eye opening surgery are popular.

Straight, floating black eyes, or big but short eyes. Open the outer corner of the eye in a straight line only. to make the eyes bigger and sharper duysnews is an online news portal providing breaking news from around the world.

slanted up or down, pointed eyes, slanted eyes upward or downward Makes the eyes look more tender

5. Making bags under the eyes

We often notice that When celebs and celebrities smile a little, bags under their eyes bulge out a little. Usually, the muscles around the eyes contract when smiling. causing bags under the eyes to bulge out People who have less muscle, therefore prefer to have bags under the eyes surgery.

Bags under the eyes make them look younger and cute. When you smile, you will look bright and cheerful. eye bag surgery This can be done with injections of fillers and alloderm augmentation surgery. Consult a specialist surgeon. Then choose a method that suits your eye shape.

Eye bag surgery with filler injections

Filler injections are a hassle-free method. The surgeon will inject fillers into the bags under the eyes in about 10 minutes. therefore suitable for working age people and no need to cut open the skin So there are no scars, swelling or pain of any kind. After the injection, you can go home immediately.

It is of great importance to filler injections. Estimating the amount and design of bags under the eyes if injecting too much Bags under the eyes will look big. incompatible with the face but if too little Patients are often dissatisfied with the results. Therefore, the patient must seek advice from a surgeon who specializes in surgery. experienced to design bags under the eyes to match the height of the nose, the face structure, and the appearance for the ultimate satisfaction of one’s self.

filler injection method

  1. After consulting a doctor Therefore, the amount of filler is determined according to the shape and size of the eye.
  2. Inject fillers under the eyes according to the eye shape and desired size.
  3. After injection, You can check bags under the eyes immediately.

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