Factors Determining A DWI Case

Driving under the influence or impaired driving is strictly punishable by law. Usually, drivers are expected to drive a car with full consciousness and concentration towards the road to avoid unfortunate events like car collisions, fender benders, or accidents that may result in heavy loss. In some cases, accidents may also result in wrongful death. Impaired driving can be considered under different circumstances, and if police spot a person driving while impaired, he can be charged with a DWI crime and may have to face severe consequences.

Even DWI cases caught in local streets can be filed, and only a Monroe, NC DWI defense lawyer will be able to help the defendant from the charged crime legally. Usually, police officers might look at different aspects of a person, including their attitude when charging a DWI crime, so it is crucial to be confident in conversing with the police even if you are not in DWI.

Here are the factors determining a DWI case:

  • Refusing breath test

Police officers often request the driver who has been accused of a DWI case to take a breath test to confirm if he has been intoxicated or driving under impaired substance. In such cases, if the driver refuses to take the breath test, then the police might suspect them of a DWI crime.

  • Driving observation

If a driver was charged with a DWI crime and was taken to court, then the police’s observation of the defendant’s driving will be asked to be explained. Hence, even if you had driven in an unlawful manner violating traffic rules before being caught by the police, the observation on the defendant’s driving before getting caught will be considered as an eye-witness. 

  • Driver’s behavior

You might have thought that the police would consider only law violations. However, in the case of DWI, the police will also observe the driver’s behavior towards them, including their body language. If the driver shows rudeness and violence during the investigation, it can complicate the charge of a DWI case.

  • The odor from the driver

The police will also notice the driver’s body odor, like body language. If the police smell alcohol and marijuana from the driver, it can serve as evidence and make the cops alert. Additionally, it can confirm the charge for a DWI case.

Therefore, the police officers consider various factors in determining a DWI case, including the driver’s body language and odor. So, a driver should not drive a car under the influence of any substance and be fully aware of their surroundings. 

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