Factors That Can Impact Your Car Accident Settlement In Georgia

The confusing circumstances after an auto accident can be hard to deal with. As a victim who was injured in a car crash, your immediate concern should be your recovery. However, you don’t have much time to file a claim, and therefore, it is essential that you evaluate the damages soon. There are several factors that can impact the final settlement, and it is wise to work with a car accident attorney to maximize your chances. For your help, we have mentioned some critical variables below.

  • Fault: Georgia follows the “modified comparative negligence” norm, which means if you are found to eb largely responsible for the crash, you cannot sue the other party. When the other person is entirely liable, the outcome is usually straightforward. However, when two drivers are partially to blame, their fault percentage will determine what they get from the settlement. The calculations are complex, which is why hiring an attorney is necessary.
  • Your injuries: If you sustained an injury that is catastrophic or will affect your work and how you enjoy life, you may be entitled to more compensation. For instance, when someone has suffered severe burn injuries or multiple fractures, they may need multiple treatments, surgeries, and long-term medications, which can add to their losses. The compensation should cover these losses.
  • Actions after the accident: If you admitted fault to the insurance company or the police or left the scene without taking action, you may not get anything at all. In your best interests, you should avoid discussing the case with anyone other than your attorney. Do not post anything on social media, either. If the claims adjuster wants a statement, you have the right to refuse.
  • Circumstances: When two or more cars are involved in an accident, there is always a high chance of confusion regarding fault and liability. In many situations, there are variables that can impact the outcome. If you want fair compensation for your damages, ensure that you consult the attorney and get an overview of the aspects that can affect your case.

Calling a lawyer

Not all injury lawyers in Georgia deal with auto accident claims or may lack the required experience, which is why you need to focus on what they have done so far. Check their work profile, review their clientele, and consider the top settlements they have won. You can also refer to online reviews for more details about an attorney.

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