Factors that can undermine your personal injury claim

If you sustained injuries in an accident due to the other party’s negligence, fault, or intent, you could hold them liable for their action. Winning a personal injury claim is complicated. If there is insurance involved, the claims adjuster will find ways to deny your claim. The at-fault party will obviously deny their role. You need to take steps to protect your claim, for which contacting an attorney is a wise idea. In Washington, you can check for personal injury law firms such as Albrecht Law for advice. Below are the key factors that can undermine your injury claim. 

  1. Not seeking medical care immediately after. If you want to seek compensation for your medical bills and lost wages, you need evidence. Check with an injury doctor immediately after the accident, and if you don’t do so, you may have a hard time convincing the court about your injuries. 
  2. Not taking evidence from the accident site. All personal injury cases and claims involve fault. No one would admit to liability unless there is concrete evidence. Ensure that you take multiple photos from the accident scene, and don’t forget to document your injuries in photos. 
  3. Dealing with the claims adjuster directly. You may think that the insurance company will empathize with your situation, but that’s a myth. Talking to the claims adjuster without an attorney by your side is not the best idea. No matter the situation, get a personal injury lawyer on your side. 
  4. Making false statements. You may believe that you could exaggerate your injuries and suffering, but the law has its process. If you present a false statement or twist facts, it will not benefit your claim. In fact, if the matter is in court, the judge may dismiss your case.  
  5. Don’t taking action in time. You have a deadline for filing personal injury lawsuits. In some states like Washington, the statute of limitations sets a deadline of three years. If you don’t take action and start the claims process right away, you may have a really hard time gathering evidence and information. 
  6. Not hiring an attorney. You have to consider calling a lawyer without any further delay after the accident. A skilled personal injury lawyer can fight for your rights and will not step back from taking the matter to court. 

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