Factors to Consider when Buying an Oil Press Machine

An oil press machine is a manually operated oil expeller which is used to produce oil from different kinds of seeds. This article while focus more on the best quality of an oil presser, how they operate and how consumers can rely on them.

With an oil press machine you can get 100%pure and chemical free oil, it can be for your own use or you can also sale. With the increased rate of diseases due to chemicals, oil extracted from oil yielding seeds, beans, nuts and many other produce can be of help. This is because is very nutritious and healthy

What to consider when buying a press machine

When buying a press machine you want to get it right at the first time. And also to avoid the stress associated with pure quality of oil, there are many factors to put in to consideration

  1. Quality of the machine—everyone needs assurance before buying any machine that it is of the best quality and will work as required. This will enable the user to have the best oil.
  2. Durability- due to the raised standards of living, when buying this oil press machine one needs to consider the durability. Same companies give a warrant which puts the customer mind at rest.
  3. Price—one needs to go only for the pocket friendly companies, which offer affordable but also best quality oil press machines.

Types of oil press machines

We have two types of presses

  1. Screw oil presses- they are very common in the market because they are very easy to use and maintain as well. It is an added advantage for common user since no much knowledge is needed.
  • Hydraulic oil presses- they are ideal for big machines with big capacity also they are capable of working several tones of seeds in an hour. For people producing high amounts of oil this is the best extractor.

Both machines works good and they do produce the best so it depends with your choice.

How to use the machine

  1. You should keenly go through theoperation manual to familiarize yourself with its aspects and operating properties. It gives direction to those who know little about this oil press.
  2. Make a general scrutiny before starting to ensure all the buckles are in place, the hand-grip is flexible and the back-ups run smoothlywith no abnormal noise when turning the ring.
  3. Adjust the cooling system within a conducivetemperature rate.
  4. The moment the installation of the new press machinery is complete, you have to ensure you make a pre-press within a duration of 2 to 8 hours.
  5. When you make regular squeeze, be sure to feed oil plants evenly but not excessively.


This article defines major consideration one has to make before purchasing a oil press machine. Pressing oil from peanuts, soya beans, sunflower and other seeds and products doesn’t have to be a hassle for you. Just go for the best direct suppliers of  oil presses  which are able to offer the best oil press machine price in Kenya.

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