Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Safety Boots in Kenya

Investing in the safety shoes is important as it ensures the user’s comfort throughout the working hours. This comfort enables more productivity and keeps the user’s mind free of distractions as well as uplifting the work spirit. It is imperative that every working individual have their feet protected while working by wearing safety boots.

Choosing the right safety shoes can be daunting especially when you lack the proper information. There are many brands and designs in the market, made of different material like steel, polymer and fabric. So which boot is the right one to choose? Below are some tips to consider when looking for the best safety boots for your job, based on the workplace and the risks associated.

Level of protection required

Different boots offer different levels of comfort and protection in specific conditions. For instance, if you work outdoors where you get exposed to water, then it is crucial that you get 100% waterproof boots. If you work with heavy machinery and power tools, the boots should protect you in case of impact. The level of protection needed therefore depends on the risks that the employees are exposed to.

Size and height

When it comes to this, it is always wise to go for large because a size bigger than your normal size gives your feet space to breathe and allows for swelling during a strenuous work day.  The extra space has its essence when you want to add insulation, inserts or you want to wear thick socks during cold weather. The height of the shoes is determined by the working conditions and risks. Safety shoes that are 15 to 21 cm and lace up all the way up support ankles and keep the feet protected, hence making them ideal in most conditions.

Footcare and hygiene

Apart from offering protection and comfort, superior quality safety boots price in Kenya is considerably pocket friendly. They should be breathable to enhance air circulation inside the shoes. They should also contain moisture wicking properties so as to keep the feet dry.In addition, they should also have perforation resistant soles and composite toes to reduce the risk of mechanical injury such as crushing, pinching or even punctures.


Proper support for the feet is key. The support is determined by several features of the shoes in commensurate with the user to offer the support required to keep them comfortable throughout the day while working.  The determinants include the build of the inner sole, the outer sole, the height of the shoe, the midsole and shank. All these contribute greatly to the support offered by the type of safety boots chosen.

In conclusion,the prioritized consideration should be the price because it is the major determinant above all other factors. Choosing quality boots should not be a problem anymore. With all the features listed above, you should be able to select and buy the right ones from the many brands and designs in the market.There are surplus brands that sell these boots, and most of them are handpicked based on quality and reliability. For more, https://safetyshoes.co.ke

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