Ferrari World and Their Rides


The oxygen for daredevils is the adventure. Every swashbuckler’s one destination for living their adventurous dreams is the Ferrari world and their rides at Abu Dhabi, UAE. World-class simulators and extraordinary rollercoasters make Ferrari World among the best adventurous parks in the UAE. By the name, you can guess that Ferrari world provides you with a high octane thrill just like a Ferrari ride. You’ll feel the adrenaline rush as soon as you step into the Ferrari world.

Ferrari world is the one-stop destination for fantastic roller coasters adventurous rides and has a special place in the hearts of visitors. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is spread over 86,000 sq. m and offers the best rides with the best experience for all age groups. Thirty-five record-breaking rides allure the adventure lovers and force them to visit the Ferrari world again and again.

Restaurants, shops, photography spots, and many more additional specialities make this a world-famous attraction. An indoor Ferrari theme amusement park filled with courageous and thrilling activities is what an adventurer craves. If you are an adventure lover and you haven’t visited this park yet, it means you have missed out on something precious from your life. Here, we have handpicked 5 amazing rides at the Ferrari world that you must try.

1. Formula Rossa, the fastest beast roller coaster

Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest rollercoaster, is the record-breaking ride in the Ferrari world. It can pick up the expeditious speed of 250 Km per hour in just 5 seconds. You’ll get an endless number of thrilling moments when you pass through tricky corners and sky-touching heights. This ride is based on the hydraulic launch system we generally see in aircraft carriers. There are always dragon-like queues in the park rushing for book tickets. You shall get there early and take the Ferrari world ticket price details. The minimum height should be 140 cm to enjoy this ride.

2. Fiorano GT Challenge

This ride is based on a parallel concept that creates the illusion of colliding. You will feel that your F430 Spider-shaped car will bang another one coming from the opposite direction. This experience is scary but amazing and can freeze you to your bones. The ultimate feeling of this ride is just unbeatable and splendid and remains among one of the most loved rides in the Ferrari world. This rollercoaster features 1.08 Km long tracks. This ride has been working since April 2010. The minimum height to enjoy this ride should be 130 cm.

3. Flying Aces, highest roller coaster spiral beauty

The thrill of reaching height is something that many adventure voyagers crave. Flying aces can take you to the height of 63m in just a second. Its 51 Degree incline turns you upside down and then and then come loops, curls, and high-speed rolls. You can feel the adrenaline rush as soon as you get on the ride. You can hear your heartbeats when you fly through the highest loop at the speed of 120 Km per hour. If you dream of running faster than air, this is the ride to be.

4. Turbo Track, falling from the sky

Turbo track runs on a 166m long track and gives you sensations you’ll find nowhere else. It is based on an LSM drive system and runs at the speed of 102 Km per hour to reach the height of 64 meters. Here, you fall at the speed of 12 meters per second, and it gives you the feeling of falling from the sky. This epic drop will make you feel as if you will bang into the centre of the earth in one go. The minimum height of the person to enjoy this ride should be 130 cm.

5. Junior Grand Prix

Junior Grand Prix is a scaled-down version of the Ferrari. This is best suited for older children. This is one of the best things to do in the Ferrari world for older children. The children can enjoy the ride in mini-Ferrari racing cars, which is an amazing experience itself. You can see the ancient goddess of cars, the Ferrari 250, from 1950. There is a height requirement of 110-140 cm. Junior Grand Prix serves as the training ground for the GT challenge and other rides. On your Ferrari world trip, this is a must experience to cherish.

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