FIFA 23 – Nick Pope’s ‘Showdown’ UT Variant

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The English Premier League is now back, and with it comes a plethora of incredible Boxing Day matches within the next week.

In FIFA 23, two (2) new ‘Showdown’ Player Cards have just been added, representing the goalkeepers of Leicester City and Newcastle United following their upcoming match after the conclusion of the World Cup in Qatar.

Newcastle United’s established English shot-stopper, Nick Pope, is known to be an incredible talent on the pitch, and because of this, he is set to receive the ‘Showdown’ Player Card upgrade accordingly.

Here’s how Nick Pope’s new card fares in-game:

(GK) Nick Pope’s ‘Showdown’ Player Card: OVR 86 (+5)

  • Reflexes: 88 (+5)
  • Handling: 87 (+5)
  • Diving: 86 (+6)
  • Positioning: 86 (+6)
  • Kicking: 81 (+6)
  • Speed: 55 (+6)

Nick Pope is considered amongst England’s best goalkeepers of the current generation when he’s at his best, and this new card really mirrors that.

Nick Pope’s AcceleRATE type is Lengthy, and he is a dominant right-footer as well.

What’s exciting about Nick Pope is that he enjoys a few key traits too:

  • Comes For Crosses
  • Rushes Out Of Goal

You can unlock Nick Pope’s new card here by completing its easy Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) first, requiring only one (1) objective to be accomplished (11 Players in each Squad):

    • Minimum number of Players from English Premier League: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 84

The SBC will expire on 26th December 2022 (Monday) so you need to be quick in order to add him inside your own star-studded UT line-up.

That being said, if you do miss out on it, you can still buy it from the Transfer Market, mostly sold around the following prices:

  • PS/ Xbox: 31,550 FIFA Coins
  • PC: 30,500 FIFA Coins

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