Fin-tech stuff that you should focus in 2022

Blockchain: ready for business

Blockchain doesn’t just mean cryptocurrencies and Non Fungible Token (NFT). In fact, this technology is also spreading among companies, overcoming the initial skepticism and increasing their productivity. Its growing diffusion and use by companies in different sectors is driven on the one hand by the spread of private and permissioned blockchains. On the other hand, the growing interoperability of systems and the development of technological and innovation ecosystems on these issues. Blockchain and fin-tech systems are already implemented in platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Twitch. Keep in mind that Twitch is the biggest streaming platform and currently streamers (big ones) are getting fin-tech options when it comes to getting deals from the brands. StreamOz will help you to get a better position when it comes to marketing your Twitch channel.

Share data while preserving privacy and security

Deloitte expects that in the next 18-24 months, more and more organizations will seek to develop skills for sharing data securely and for achieving new business goals. In this edition, attention is paid in particular to innovative technologies and techniques defined as “privacy preserving computing”, capable of freeing the information assets of an organization from traditional privacy and security constraints. Examples are fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), differential privacy, and functional encryption.

The Cloud becomes vertical: sector-specific skills at the center

Companies are increasingly trying to “upload” their business processes to the cloud, to achieve greater efficiency. In response, large cloud vendors, software vendors and large system integrators are developing preconfigured cloud solutions, accelerators and APIs. In order to support common use cases at the single sector level. In the coming months, Deloitte expects an increasing number of organizations to begin experimenting with how “industry” cloud solutions can support them in meeting their needs. Deloitte estimates that the global market for “industry” cloud solutions will reach $640 billion over the next 5 years.

Automate IT at scale

Deloitte expects that in the coming years there will be more and more automation of IT departments. The automation opportunities for enterprise CIOs and IT managers fall into three areas. The first concerns the possibility of standardizing and automating on-premise infrastructures. The second concerns the possibility of standardizing and automating software, management tools and applications. By managing software code which in turn can manage aspects of the development, maintenance, operation and security of an application. Finally, the possibility of optimizing the automation mechanisms implemented through rules and thanks to machine learning.

Cyber ​​AI: a real defense

The rise of smart and remote working and the growing spread of connected devices are amplifying the pressure on SOCs and cybersecurity analysts. With the growing number of detected threats and attack possibilities, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can accelerate threat detection. Also enable a proactive approach to cybersecurity and support analysts by automating time-consuming tasks. Allowing them to carry out higher value activities and increasing their satisfaction with their work.

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