Five Kinds of Injuries You May Sustain in a Philadelphia Car Accident

A car accident is never a positive experience, and it can be traumatic when you have sustained injuries because of it. As a result, you could face ongoing medical bills and be unable to go to work. And no matter how you try to just concentrate on healing, anxiety and stress can make it challenging. In this case, you should consider hiring a Philadelphia car accident lawyer who can give you some peace of mind about your situation. A great attorney can explain to you what your legal rights and options are. No matter the type of injury you sustained, you deserve to get compensated for it. The injuries often associated with car injuries include the following:

Whiplash Injuries

These injuries can cause neck, head, and shoulder pain. Their symptoms might be noticeable immediately or might be obvious after a few weeks from the accident. Also, whiplash injuries can be chronic. Other symptoms you may experience include problems sleeping and concentrating, blurry vision, weakness, as well as ringing in the ears.  These injuries can be quite painful, particularly when you sustain persistent symptoms.

Shoulder Injuries

An injury to any bones of your shoulders can lead to limited movement, affecting your everyday activities. A car accident can leave you suffering from a dislocated shoulder, torn muscles, torn tendons, and tendonitis. Also, you could have a broken clavicle, torn rotator cuff, or torn ligaments. 

Head Injuries

During a car accident, a forceful impact can happen, causing a blow to your head. Your head may hit a hard part of your car, including the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield, causing injuries to this area of your head. Due to the impact, you could suffer from a concussion or a more severe brain injury. Also, you could sustain skull fractures, brain contusions, and blood clots after a car accident in Philadelphia. Injuries to your head can cause bleeding, bruising, and brain tissue tears.


During impact, your car can catch fire because it runs on gas. Burn injuries can lead to serious pain and discomfort. Also, you could sustain intense scarring and disfigurement. Such kinds of injuries can impact you forever. Your medical bills can get quite costly, and you may require life-long treatment. 

Facial Injuries

These injuries can happen due to flying glass during a car accident. You could also sustain scarring and laceration, as well as broken bones in your face. When this happens, you could have a problem eating or speaking. Additionally, facial injuries can occur due to a deploying airbag or when your face hits the steering wheel or dashboard. 

No matter the type of injury you suffer after a car crash, your lawyer can help you decide the amount of compensation you deserve to pursue. 

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