Free Online Courses with Certificates in India by the Government for Teachers

With the advancement of technology, there has been a steep rise in the popularity of online courses and certifications. Online education is not only available to private institutions but also government schools and colleges. Not just that, but you can now find many online courses and certifications, both paid and free, on government and government-supported platforms such as NPTEL, AICTE and CEC, NCERT, and SWAYAM. This article will talk about three of the top government-funded online courses that come with certificates. Each online teacher training course in India listed here has been designed to provide you with the most current and up-to-date skills.

Times have never been as difficult as they are now. People across the globe have faced acute employment shortages. And hence, job seekers have learned how crucial upskilling is. The under-mentioned certification courses that are free and easy to access are nothing but a blessing in disguise.

Why does the Government have so many teacher certificate course options for interested learners?

India needs a larger population of employed youth to grow as a country. After all, only the educated here can help the country find the path to success and solve its pressing problems. The Government understands and acknowledges this need and wants to develop a pool of employable candidates. This explains why we have so many Government-funded courses. These courses are offered free of charge so that even those who can’t afford traditional courses can benefit from them. You should look into these online courses if you are looking to improve your skills for your current job or take up a new job.

What are the benefits of taking a Government-funded online teacher training course in India?

Government-funded online courses are great for people who wish to upskill but don’t have the financial means or time for it. These courses can indeed help people get better job opportunities. Not just that, you might also earn better scores at college if you are a student or get promoted if you are a professional. People who cannot pursue traditional courses can now apply for jobs that require higher education, thanks to these Government-funded courses. They are also ideal for those who are just starting out and want to learn new skills or get a basic understanding of things pertaining to their area of interest. The best thing is that every teacher certificate course available has been designed keeping in mind the changing education environment.

The three most popular Government-funded courses to consider—

1. SWAYAM Central

SWAYAM is a free platform that offers online courses and certificates from the Ministry of Human Resource Development. These courses include computer literacy, vocational skills, and primary education. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has accredited the courses. These courses can be studied at your own pace, from anywhere in India.

2. iGOT on DIKSHA Portal

The DIKSHA platform, which is managed by the Human Resources Development Ministry, hosts Integrated Government Online Training. The iGOT platform offers role-specific, curated content to every learner. The best part is that the learner can access the course from anywhere, whether it’s their workplace or home. It can also be accessed from any device. The platform was launched to boost the capacity of frontline workers to help them effectively manage the pandemic.

DIKSHA provides engaging learning material that is relevant to the school curriculum. Even though the platform is suitable for students, teachers, and parents alike, it benefits teachers the most. The course helps teachers—

  • Use interactive and engaging materials to make their classes fun
  • Use tricks to help students understand complex concepts better share teaching best practices with fellow teachers.
  • Attain professional development and earn badges and certificates upon successful completion of the course.
  • View their teaching record throughout their career as a teacher.

Teachers can also use the DIKSHA platform to make digital assessments to verify that their students understand the topics they have taught.

3. NITTTR (National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research) 

NITTTR or the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research has partnered up with international platforms like Coursera to provide online courses with certificates for free. Distance Education Council (DEC) has accredited the courses. There are currently over 30 courses offered by the NITTTR study centre. The best thing about the course is that you earn a diploma upon its completion.

Who is eligible to take these courses?

Anyone who has successfully completed the 10th grade can enrol in these courses.

These certificate courses can not only be done by students but also professionals looking for promotions. Since these courses can be taken at learners’ own pace, you can enrol for them if you do a job or have other responsibilities.

What are the benefits of taking up these certificate courses?

  • The certificates are issued by the Government and approved by educational institutes.
  • The courses are accredited and have high success rates.
  • These courses can improve your employability and give you an advantage over other job seekers.
  • These are flexible courses that can be taken at your own pace.
  • These courses can help you learn new skills or improve your existing ones.
  • These are Government-funded courses; hence you get them free of cost.

Is ‘by the government’ the only factor to consider when taking up a course?

The “by the Government” tag does affect how a course is perceived. It adds credibility to courses and ensures their easy acceptance among people. However, “by the government” shouldn’t be the only criterion on which you hinge your decision to take up or not take up a course. There are other more important factors that need to be taken into consideration for instance, relevance. The course that you intend to enrol for must be relevant. There are fancy “all show no go” courses that add no real value to your resume.

Another important aspect of paying attention to is that not all schools want teachers with certifications from government-approved courses. While Government funded courses are acceptable across all Indian Government schools, international schools might want their teachers to have international qualifications such as PgTCL. Now, the question is: Where do you undertake such courses without breaking the bank? Well, Suraasa can be a great option. The platform has an impressive suite of pedagogical programs designed for educationists across work experience levels.

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