Gamification in sporting events

There is no doubt the upcoming sports event are going to be more interactive and full of fun. As a result, companies will have to reconstruct their way in order to presenting or doing sports. They will have to adopt the new innovation along with gamification.

Indeed, competitions, the most influential brands and companies in the sports world will have to turn to gamification and digitization if they want to maintain some interest, as today’s fans want to be a part of the game!

Why adopts gamification?

gamified apps have mastered the art of interactive play, which helps them foster social engagement with consumers. With a growing number of people spending their time playing games, it’s the perfect environment to reach your audience through their favourite channel.

Gamification has become part of everyday life without us even realizing it and sports marketing is particularly suitable in this context, as it is already based on games for professional athletes. With the enormous popularity of eSports tournaments, capable of attracting millions of online spectators, sports gamification is becoming increasingly popular and sporting events are one of the most promising solutions for the spread of this interesting concept.

Strengthen the involvement of supporters

Through interactive voting quizzes, satisfaction questionnaires and real-time surveys, all shared in live graphics, supporters can actively engage and stay connected. In addition, behavioural and individual data can be collected, analysed and re-entered to improve the customer and user experience.

Rewards are also part of the game as a thank you to users for hours spent watching the content. For example, virtual rewards can be offered, such as badges, trophies or even reward points as is the case with high-level athletes. You can also offer studs for boots or any other element that relates to your sport. With a little imagination, you can make your audience happy by any means!

Young people are more attracted to sport thanks to games-events

One of the most significant evolutions of gamification in sport is the increase in involvement among the younger audience. In fact, gamified sporting events are an excellent solution to reach the generation between 17 and 30 years, that is the most connected and motivated by the world of gaming. Instant access to media and instant entertainment have become the norm and that is why traditional sporting events can be considered long and monotonous for such audiences. The gamification of sport allows you to expand the involvement of the youngest, making events more accessible and attractive in the fast-paced digital world in which most of them live.

Indeed, by integrating the sporting context into media such as marketing or event-games, young people can experience the thrill of sport in a more concentrated and action-oriented way, better capturing their attention while watching or practicing a particular sport. Furthermore, by adding playful elements to this practice, the young participants will be able to identify familiar and pleasant elements and will be more likely to practice physical activity.

A clear improvement in performance

In addition to helping to improve the engagement and participation of young enthusiasts, gamification can also encourage athletes and sports lovers to outdo themselves by improving their performance. Portable technologies like smartwatches and fitness trackers measure physical activity and performance, allowing athletes to access this detailed data and see their progress in real time. In addition, popular elements of gamification such as badges and progress bars are also included which offer extra motivation to keep training and improving!

Furthermore, the inclusion of social and gaming elements, such as leader boards among friends, has allowed the development of sports communities on a social level.

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