How Can Digital Signatures Expedite the Working of NGOs?


Non-Governmental organizations and non-profit concerns work for a cause. They directly work for the people in need and bring qualitative change to their lives. They work across the globe and help bring a smile to the face of vulnerable people and distressed communities.

NGOs have to go through several administrative tasks and documentation processes throughout the day. These days, many such entities have integrated eSignatures into their official documentation process.

It not only saves time but is also in sync with US Federal Law. A digital signature is now valid and legal binding for parties involved in a contract. It works as an alternative to handwritten signatures.

Process Applications of Volunteers

Volunteers and people who want to work for a cause are essential for NGOs. Every non-profit concern that works for social causes needs to ramp up its application process. You can’t delay the application process, as it could hamper your activity.

Instead, NGOs can get these applications processed from interested parties in digitized format to expedite the entire process. Moreover, they can obtain consent from necessary volunteers in the form of e-signatures.

The entire process takes just a few hours, and volunteers can start working immediately.

Online Fund-Raising Option

NGOs can also take advantage of the online fundraising option, which comes with digitization. These non-profit concerns can use various apps and integrate them into an electronic signature section where donors can put their digitized signatures.

Most importantly, these apps work on mobile, smartphones, and various other devices as well. You can keep a tab on the progress of your fundraising campaign while expediting the process of obtaining donations from donors.

Smooth Documentation Process

NGOs and non-profit entities have very little budget to manage their day-to-day operations. Any amount of money saved in a month will go to another cause. Their documentation process must go smooth and uninterrupted.

Maintenance of a lot of files and papers can be a time-consuming affair. Switching to an app or software, that supports e-signatures can work wonders for such organizations. Less paperwork also enables these entities to proceed with another mission-related task in time without any delay.

Donor Records

Maintaining an electronic record of your donors can keep the entire record flawless and without manual intervention. When donors see a flawless copy of donor records clearly displaying signatures and the name of donors in block letters, it instills confidence in them to donate more for a cause.

It also helps you in donor profiling and understanding the nature of donations. All donors don’t donate to all causes. Each of them fights for a specific cause and supports a particular niche. For example, a donor who donates to eco-friendly causes may not donate to local events.

In Conclusion 

E-signature is the same as an inked signature. You can even get a printout of the document and get the signature imprinted in its relevant columns. The organization’s data is stored and managed using cloud-based software for maximum security and efficiency. Thus, digital signatures boost up the pace at which NGOs can easily work for multiple causes.

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