How can Studio VK1200 be useful in Office?

Since tablets are specially designed for art, therefore, most discussions overlook their general purpose. No more, tablets like Studio VK1200 are among the best drawing tablet with screen. A flat tablet replaces a full-time mouse feature.

Not only this, it offers numerous other uses to make your day at the job simple, effective, and easy.

Studio VK1200

Being a leading drawing tablet with screen, the amazing device comes with two pens. The 10” x 6” large working areas allow you to use the 6 versatile shortcuts to perfection.

It comes with 1920 x 1080 fully laminate IPS display that ensures that you can work on the minute details as well. What’s more is its impressive report rate of 290RPS, the pressure sensitivity of 8192, and 60-degree tilt.

The P05 pen and cross-browser and operating system compatibility further add to its appeal. It is designed primarily for art, but it would make your work efficient in different ways.

Below are some of the advantages that this great drawing tablet with a screen offers at the office.


The device is excellent with remote whiteboard tools including Collaboard and Limnu. Once you combine it with an HDMI input or a projector, it replicates the experience of having in-person meetings.

With a laptop, and digital drawing tablet with screen such as VK1200 you can whiteboard anywhere you want without any special surface. May it be a class, boardroom, or office, it makes it possible to save your creations.

It is the perfect device for visual idea-generation exercises including starbursting and mind-mapping. To enhance coworker idea brainstorming and increase interactivity, invite them to write their ideas themselves.

Client Presentations

You spent hours creating a PowerPoint presentation, but it seems that your coworkers are only nodding off and secretly checking their cell phones. The key to keeping the audience engaged is to add some visuals and what better way to do that than by using an affordable drawing tablet with screen, the Studio VK1200.

It would aid in pre-prepare charts and illustrations that you can drop in beforehand. You can use it to draw during presentations, write on, navigate and highlight content, thus making the slideshow interesting and engaging. It would surely turn dry presentations into fun and entertaining.

Lastly, the pen’s laser pointer tool is way more intuitive in comparison to the traditional mode.


Studies show that people remember notes that are taken down by hand in comparison to the ones that they take by series of identical keystrokes. However, the latter is easier in modern offices, but thanks to VK1200, you can now take down notes, upload them to the cloud, and review when with just a few clicks.

Photo Editing

Photo editing seems to be the most common task that almost everyone in the office would have to do. It is something that is not limited to the graphic designing department. After all, a little change in the photo here and there is something one might have to do every now and then.

VK1200 turns tedious chores such as color-brushing, clone-stamping, stop-healding, and isolating photos into something easy and exciting.

Even the beginner drawing tablet with a screen makes it extremely convenient to edit photos. All you have to do is pop them up in Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, or any other editing software and with a few pen strokes, you can remove the background within minutes. Use the soft brushes for transparency and gradient smooth areas and cut edges using hard brushes.

Graphic Design

Studio VK1200 is the perfect choice for people whose job involves even the slightest graphic work. For instance, if you have to crop header images for your blog posts, this amazing digital drawing tablet with screen would make it easy and efficient.

What’s more, is that it ensures even advanced editing of images smoothly and seamlessly. So, draw up a mock website, user flow diagrams, typography layouts, or storyboards for your video content, everything is simple and easy with VK1200.

Wrist Saving

The amazing digital drawing tablet with screen is an excellent way to avoid wrist strains. After all, navigation using a pen is easier and more comfortable in comparison to having your wrist flat on your system.

The switching between keyboard and mouse adds additional stress to your wrist, with a tablet having two pens, this can easily be avoided.

Passive Drawing Practice

If you have a knack for arts or you are a digital artist on the side, VK1200 is an excellent way to learn shortcuts, the driver and using the pen as an input device.

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