How Does the Environment Affect Human Health?

Everyone wants to live in a clean and healthy environment because it has a lot of worth as compared to an unhealthy environment that affects human health. Although we all want a clean environment, somehow, everyone is contributing to the polluting environment. A clean environment is responsible for providing clean water, healthy foods, clean air, and efficient use of energy for production.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the environment contributes 12-18% of all deaths in 23 countries under the WHO Europe Region. Millions of lives can be saved if you bring about necessary measures to clean the environment. We highly recommend reading about Hamza Mbareche and his efforts to contribute to a healthy environment.

How Does the Environment Affect Human Health?

There are numerous ways in which the environment affects human life. To sustain life, every living thing depends on the environment directly or indirectly, such as water and air. No doubt, a healthy environment supports human life; on the other hand, it can make you sick as well. Numerous diseases are caused by an unhealthy environment. This article will give you complete insight in this regard.

Impact of Environment on Human Health

The first and the foremost thing that contributes to this regard is the chemical. There are numerous dangerous chemicals in the air and water that have a direct impact on health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.6 million died in 2016 due to exposure to different chemicals. The untreated industrial waste joins the fresh groundwater resources. When humans drink such polluted water, the chemicals enter their bodies and give birth to various diseases. Similarly, many dangerous and toxic materials are in the air, which enters the body through the respiration process and leads to death in severe cases.

Air and water pollution has increased with time, and it is polluting the environment to a large extent. Air is filled with toxic substances, smoke, smog, and other particles that cause various diseases such as lung cancer and stroke. Similarly, water resources are being polluted with time. Oceans, beaches, and rivers are filled with plastic, debris, and industrial waste. It is polluting irrigation water that is applied to vegetables and crops.

An unhealthy environment gives birth to harmful microorganisms. However, microorganisms have positive and sounding effects on human life, such as supporting immunity and overall wellbeing. Harmful microorganisms such as germs and pathogens cause illness. A common example of those bacteria is E. coli which causes respiratory problems, urinary tract infections, and various other health issues.

Fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are also polluting air and food directly or indirectly. No doubt, the application of fertilizers improves the yield, but imagine how many dangerous materials you’re putting in your body. Similarly, pesticides evaporate into the air and cause air pollution.

Final Thoughts

A healthy and clean environment guarantees sound health, and it prevents the next generation from dangerous diseases. Researchers like Hamza Mbareche are taking part in the betterment of the environment. Moreover, every citizen must keep the environment clean and healthy.

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