How head-hunters improve their executive candidate’s recruitment process

It’s in every recruiter’s best interest to ensure that the recruitment process is smooth and comfortable for their candidates. When the candidate is a senior executive, this need becomes more prominent. So head-hunters must utilise their executive search software to guarantee a great recruiting experience for all their executive candidates.

The need for improving candidate experience

Candidate experience plays a big role in shaping the entire recruitment experience as well as the relationship between recruiter and candidate. It can be quite challenging for recruiters to execute their duties while also maintaining great communication and additional effort to provide great service to applicants.

For head-hunters, the challenge can be felt two-fold because of the very nature of executive search. It is important to understand the focal way in which executive search differs from traditional recruitment.

Executive search is all about understanding client’s needs and matching the right executive candidate with the position being advertised. Search firms and head-hunters keep the needs of the hiring organisation at the forefront of every decision they make. The executive candidates are vetted and shortlisted to fit the client’s requirements.

But at the same time, sourcing executive candidates is a tougher task compared to finding mid-level job-seekers. Senior or c-suite executives are not like the average employee. These are extremely experienced, talented and high-ranking executives who work to strategize and deliver on their company’s goals and needs. They are typically busy with their work and responsibilities. It is not easy for just anyone to meet with them.

Thus, since executive recruiting is much more competitive, it is more vital to work towards making sure that the candidate experience is simpler and easier to keep senior executives interested. Otherwise, these high-calibre executives can quickly find other opportunities to pursue.

And that’s where the executive search software system has a pivotal role to play.

How using executive recruitment software solution enhances the candidate experience

Two fundamental elements affect how an executive views their recruiting experience. Typically, the executive search process is a lengthy one. It can last for months because head-hunters do detailed work to ensure the final candidate is the most suitable one for the role and the company. Therefore, easy communication and transparent recruiting methods are vital during this process.

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Good communication is prized in all fields of work. Quick, clear and effective communication is important. For executives who are pressed on time, being updated regularly about where the recruiting stage has progressed makes them feel valued. This involves responding to emails or any queries within a short period. It also includes being aware of what was last discussed, helping them prep for interviews, etc.

A robust executive search software is designed to help strengthen the communication flow between recruiter and candidate. The software’s mobile app helps make interaction and communication more efficient as everything becomes more within the recruiter’s reach. From sending reminders to pulling up notes from the last conversation, the executive search software ensures that head-hunters and their executive candidates do not suffer from the poor communication system.

2. Have a transparent recruitment

No candidate likes being left in the dark. This is especially true for senior executives who are busy and do not lack opportunities. If they feel their time is not being respected then it will be difficult to connect with them the next time. In order to cultivate a good relationship keeping the future in mind, it pays to focus on uplifting the quality of candidate engagement and experience.

Using executive search software enables head-hunters to work in an organized manner and keep their working system effective. This also encourages head-hunters to be clear about the progress in the recruiting stages and keep the executive candidates updated and informed. So even if these executives do not get the job, they are likely to be impressed by the smooth recruitment experience and the transparency of the process. This helps recruiters maintain their network and even expand it should these executives give them good recommendations to their colleagues.

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