How Long Does Acne Wash Benzoyl Peroxide Take to Work?

One of the most crucial factors when it comes to using acne wash benzoyl peroxide is patience. Sadly, many people give up using BP products when they don’t get the results they’re looking for immediately. That’s not how the process works you see, as you need to give it the requisite amount of time, so that it can do its work effectively.

But how long is that? Well, when it comes to over-the-counter acne options like BP, it can depend on the person themselves. Some people get faster results than others, so it can be hard to gauge. Let’s now take a gander at the subject in a little more detail to provide some context. 

How long should I give my acne wash benzoyl peroxide?

In order to provide some clarity, we now break down the process into weeks, so you understand the sort of things you should be looking for. It only takes a little improvement to give you that impetus to carry on, so be on the lookout for even the smalles change for the better. 

  • Week #1 – in that first week, as your skin is getting used to benzoyl peroxide, you may notice that your skin is dryer than usual. A good non-comodogenic moisturizer can rectify the problem however. Don’t be worried if it tingles or even stings when you apply it, as it’s fairly typical. As you use it more, you should find that this tenderness goes. 

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see any results in week 1 as most don’t. So long as the irritation doesn’t become severe, keep repeating the process daily or twice daily, depending on the reaction your skin presents. 

  • Weeks #2 & #3 as  you get into your 2nd and 3rd weeks of using acne wash benzoyl peroxide, you’ve probably gotten used to having slightly dryer skin than normal, with a bit flaking and peeling added in for good measure. 

Again, don’t panic. Just use some oil-free moisturizer and you should find that the irritation is kept under control. It’s worth reiterating that it’s completely normal, so long as it doesn’t tip over into full-blown inflammation. If you get severe redness and swelling, stop using the product and talk to your dermatologist.

  • Weeks #4 to #6 – by this point, the worst of your redness and dryness should have alleviated and started to improve. You may still have some flakiness, but as you build up a tolerance, this should also subside. The important thing is to keep using it, day in day out, and don’t be put off by a) a lack of results or b) mild irritation. 

You may also be getting some residual breakouts by weeks 4-6, which is essentially the last of the skin’s impurities coming out. You’ll probably notice that these residual spots aren’t nearly as big and angry as the ones you used to get. 

Stay Patient When Using Acne Wash Benzoyl Peroxide

If you don’t give your BP acne wash enough time to permeate your skin’s follicles and cleanse them fully of dirt, oil and dead skin cells, you can’t possibly expect to get the results you’re looking for. You’ve got to remember that millions of people us BP every day to great effect, so if there’s a problem, it’s likely your own personal circumstances that’s causing the issue. 

Should you find that by week 10, you’re still not seeing the results you want, it’s likely that you’ll need a product with a little more strength. However, you’re only going to find that info out by doing a patch test or by using it for real for the first time. 

This stuff really works. You just need the right product for your needs and a little patience. Everything else is secondary. 

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