How much does it cost to insure a tractor?

Tractor with trailer insurance

The insurance of a tractor is quite cheap and even if you do not take it out on the public road it can save
you some other annoyance. The price starts at about $ 50, the trailer goes to part.
All special agricultural vehicles must be insured, that is, have civil liability insurance. Unlike normal
vehicles, the price is much cheaper. A basic third party insurance per year costs less than $ 100 (from
approximately $ 50). The tractor insurance cost varies depending on the model, coverage and years of
the vehicle. It does not influence if you are a private individual or farmer.
In addition, the trailers that the tractor pulls must have mandatory insurance and the ITV in force. The
trailer price is even cheaper, around $ 5-10 per year. Although according to the law it indicates that you
have to be insured if you circulate on public roads, for the price it costs it does not deserve to take the
risk. Especially in the case of rollovers and other mishaps in the field.
The entities where you can request your insurance are Zurich, Soliss Seguros, Catalana Occidente,
Groupama, AXA … etc. The minimum coverages are civil liability, accidents, personal injury … etc. What
they usually ask for is ITV, data of the policyholder, DNI … etc.
The fine if you are caught on the public highway is about $ 600-3000 and also they withdraw the tractor
from the municipal deposit and you will not be able to remove it until you provide that you have

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