How to Develop a Live TV and Video Streaming App?

Today, live streaming is considered to be the most popular type of media. Its trendiness grows year after year, capturing the attention of a bigger audience. You can notice the rapid growth in live streaming globally, thanks to the flow of capital into the market and an increase in businesses building new live-streaming apps.

Nonetheless, for building the live streaming app, you should have a particular base of knowledge as well as a primary concept of your application interface. It doesn’t matter if you know how to code or not, you can build your own live streaming app by using App Master.

What is allows people to create apps. It is a no-code platform that combines the functionality of an engine and an interface designer with the creation of source code. You will receive fully functional mobile and web applications, identical to those developed by experienced developers.

How to develop a live TV and video streaming app using


To begin, you have to get yourself registered with then you can go ahead in the app development process. At this point, your goal is to familiarise yourself with the platform and not fully comprehend it. Just look around, read the descriptions, and make a mental note of whatever you understand.

Create an interface layout

An interface layout — a visual representation of your application appearance, along with the pages, data entry forms, buttons, lists, etc.

You don’t need any particular skills to create a layout, all you need is an idea for the future app and logic. It is obviously simpler to have a developed “programmer” mentality, but it is feasible to do so rapidly. It will be easier for you to explore and understand the processes taking place in the program because of the visual component.

Contact’s tech support

When you’ve finished designing your interface, send a message to their technical support telegram channel. They will examine your project and advise you on various aspects such as where to begin, what to read and research, and how to proceed. They can even add features to that you require because they give their users the option to directly affect the product during the development process.

Is worth it? has the advantage of allowing you to develop the visual aspect of your app first, then set up the interactivity of the elements later. You’ll be able to see your application appearance and its evolving as you edit it. Many features are already in place; all you have to do is decide what you want to integrate and let the platform handle the rest.

By learning only the functions and settings that you require at the time, you will progress in the development of your app. You’ll eventually learn the working principle of and be impressed by its simplicity. So yes, it is worth using for your video streaming and live TV app development.

Trends in the Live Streaming App Market

If you plan to develop a live streaming app, research and analyze the market you’ll be entering. Do not ignore the market’s continuous growth, just in one year live streaming industry grew by 99%. That is a startling number. 

Lots of streaming platforms and apps gained a lot more users during this growth. Twitch is remaining to be the most popular platform with the biggest audience and viewing time. It has reached 9.3 billion hours of video watched in total. A huge number is the result of 63% of the total audience, mainly adults in the age range of 18 to 34, watching live streaming video on a regular basis.

Essential steps to take while developing a live streaming app

Below are the aspects to consider during the development process of a live streaming app:

Choose a CDN (Content Delivery Network) 

It’ll ensure flawless content delivery without interruptions. If your goal is to enlarge your server and create a live streaming app, this is an essential step. You may think you won’t need it, but try to plan beforehand and you’ll find it handy.

Use a reliable and trustworthy hosting

Find a hosting provider that you can rely on for building a fail-safe live streaming app, to make sure your clients get uninterrupted streaming services. In the beginning, the hosting may not seem as important, as it will after your app will gain a bigger number of watchers, and they all will play one video at the same time.


All content should be securely stored in one location, so viewers can watch videos with no disruptions. Cloud services could be a perfect choice for live streaming app development. These expandable services provide cost-effective plans allowing you to avoid buying expensive hardware. 

UI/UX Design

Keep in mind that the first look at your app will serve as the base for a further rating of streaming services you provide. Make an analysis of the competitors’ live-streaming apps and identify the user interface they applied.

Testing is important

In case anything is not working in your app, a user most likely will find another service that is more dependable. So for the app to survive, you have to make sure there are no errors.

If you’re inspired by others’ success, don’t dive in headfirst, and don’t try to fill the streaming app with tons of features. Take small steps and make sure the application is working fine. You will be able to create a live-streaming app with AppMaster and you don’t need any coding knowledge for that, plus they will also guide you throughout the process of app development. 

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