How To Get US Fake Phone Number For Verification

Recently it has become popular to use fake phone numbers. Internet users from various countries operate them daily in order to perform different tasks on the web. But even though these days there is no problem with getting fake numbers from anywhere in the world, a lot of people still actively searching for numbers issued exactly in the US. Being not the cheapest on the market, they are often considered the highest quality solution. Find out to get the US fake phone number for verification over the internet within minutes and at an affordable price.

What is a fake phone number?

Fake phone numbers are numbers that primarily protect the real identity of their users from getting disclosed regardless of the solution used for this purpose. Such phone numbers cannot be either texted or called so it is not possible at all to use them for fraudulent purposes too. Moreover, there is also no way to track the location of a person using one of them with their help since they all have a static location due to connection to online services located in one place.

In addition to what was said above, fake numbers are used only online. It is not possible to operate them rather than through appropriate websites and apps having an internet connection. However, it is hardly a problem. Due to this, it is possible to operate fake phone numbers while located anywhere in the world without a SIM card or even a mobile phone. So it is not necessary to worry about being not unable to use fake numbers.

How much does such a number cost?

The cost of a fake phone number might vary really great. Basically, it depends on whether it is a disposable or long-term phone number. Here is a detailed explanation of each type:

    • Disposable fake phone number. The price of such a number is determined by two factors: country of origin and the website or app with which it is supposed to be used. Most often phone numbers from countries with high quality of life and for registration on payment systems are the cheapest.
  • Long-term fake phone numbers. When it comes to purchasing a number of that kind, its price is also determined by its issuing country. But in addition to this, it is also affected by its rent time. The longer it is, the higher the price.

In fact, the price can be as high as $100. However, if it is all about getting and activating a disposable fake number which is the most popular choice, the cost of such a tool rarely exceeds $1 and usually is not even $0.50 making it a pretty cheap solution.

Where to get a fake phone number from the US?

SMS-Man is one of the most popular online providers of fake numbers from the US. It offers users opportunity to get not only but also long-term numbers in just a few minutes without performing complicated actions for this. This is how anyone can use it to get fake phone number for verification issued in the US:

  1. Sign up for
  2. Replenish balance with a convenient option from those that are available.
  3. On the main page of the platform find the US.
  4. Search for the required website or app on the tab placed below the section with countries.
  5. Make a purchase.

The task is finished. You can find the ordered fake number at top of the homepage as well as in your personal profile on the service. It can be used for the appropriate purpose without setting up any configurations after making the purchase. Put it on the registration form of chosen platform and request a verification code. Once it is sent, switch back to the provider website and press “Get SMS”. There will appear a code required for completing verification.

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