How to Increase Engagement on Social Media

It is a million dollar question: how to increase engagement on social media? From now on, let me make one thing very clear: there is no magic formula. I will bring here some things that work in channels and others that have worked for other companies.

However, I repeat: there is no magic formula, ok? Come on!

Post content relevant to your audience

Yes, relevant content is very subjective. Even defining your audience is kind of tricky. However, this is the best way to increase engagement on social media. This goes through understanding your persona.

Work with a weekly calendar that includes different types of posts. One of the days of the week is dedicated to motivational content. It is usually a slideshow with suggestions for our followers to find more balance in their professional lives. This is a common pain for our audience, from those who are starting to those who are more advanced in their career.

Stimulate real conversations

Generating dialogue on the internet has everything to do with the previous item, about relevance. It’s much more than putting a “what do you think?” at the end of the copy or even in the image, in the case of Instagram. You will generate engagement if you provoke in your followers a real desire to comment, share and even want to know more about your content.

The comments are one of the most relevant signals to algorithms that people are finding your post interesting. Thus, engagement increases reach, bringing even more people into the conversations you propose.

Enjoy trends

Speaking of conversations, your brand can also gain engagement by getting into hot topics. On social media, this often means getting into the trend of the moment, making a post those dialogues with viral content preferably in a humanized way.

Nowadays, many companies make their versions of successful posts on TikTok and Instagram Reels, with their dances and humorous audios. When it makes sense in terms of the brand’s tone of voice, it can generate some pretty cool engagement.

This is also where engagement in the social and political sense comes in. It’s just not worth entering for the sake of entering: a brand’s support for a cause needs to be genuine, because people know how to separate real action from mere opportunism. If you have something to say or show and you’re going to take concrete action, participate in this kind of debate.

Creativity generates engagement

You’ll get more engagement with creative posts that surprise your followers and attract new ones. The best way to do this is to have good references, expanding your range of content and creators you consume.

Combining visual media such as photos, graphics and videos with text copy is both a challenge and an opportunity. This is because it expands the possibilities and demands quality in these interactions.

Analyze what went right and what went wrong

Analyzing results is one of the essential activities of our Digital Marketing. This is where we use the results of the engagement calculations we do periodically. With them, we can understand what worked and what didn’t connect with your audience. Find a Queensland SEO company to get complete SEO and digital marketing services.

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