How To Make An American Eagle Wreath for Front Door

The American Eagle Wreath is a representation of pride in one’s country. The golden eagle, the colors of the American flag, and the stars are some of the distinctive components that make it up. The wreath was created to pay tribute to those who have served in the military and to demonstrate support for our nation.

Having an American Eagle Wreath in your home has many advantages. It may enhance the beauty and elegance of your house, add a dash of patriotism, and demonstrate to your friends and neighbors that you support American companies and employment.

Eagle Wreath Materials:

Foam wreath shape, 16 inches Cut in half a foam ball, FloraCraft White Air Clay 6″ Half Ball Rounded Wreath, Acrylic Paint Yellow Plastic Craft Eyes Wood Craft Stars 300 Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks 150 Wood Biscuits Matte White Spray Paint Matte Blue Spray Paint Matte Red Spray Paint

Paint The Biscuits

100 wood biscuits in each of the three matte colors—mattified red, matte white, and matte blue—will be spray painted, along with 150 biscuits for matte white. In order to prevent them from blowing over, you must be extremely cautious when spray painting them. Allow at least a couple of hours for the paint to thoroughly dry.

Attach The Biscuits To The Wreath

The time-saving advice you should be aware of is to use a serrated knife to scrape down the wreath shape so the curvature isn’t too steep. The wood biscuits will not lie properly if the curve is too steep. Place the first row of white wood biscuits in place using a hot glue gun. Before continuing on to the red, paint around 2-3 rows of white. Don’t worry too much about the appearance of the first few rows of feathers because they will likely be hidden when you attach the head.

Making the Eagle Head

begin by molding a piece of air clay into a cone. The cone should then be directly attached to the foam ball. Once it appears to be the right size, continue plucking or adding clay while using a picture of an eagle as a guide. You may also add a few nostril holes to the beak. Before painting, give the clay at least 24 hours to cure. To obtain the color on the beak, combine five drops of bright yellow paint, a few drops of orange paint, and some golden yellow paint. Use any hues or combinations of hues you deem most attractive. The wood biscuits should now be secured. Starting from the bottom, adjacent to the beak, and working in a reverse motion, begin fastening the wood biscuits with the beak pointing to the left.

Use hot glue to affix the finished eagle head to the wreath. In the spaces where the eagle head didn’t have a solid surface to hold to, use a couple of sheets of wadded-up paper towel.

Cut the back of the plastic craft eyes off so that they were flat, then affix them to the eagle’s head.

Paint your stars with the same matte white, let them dry, and then affix them to the wreath’s blue portion. It all depends on how large your blue part is.

You can create your very own

for your home by following the above instructions.

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