How to Play Online Minecraft on Servers

If you’re looking for ways to play Minecraft with others online, you’ll find that a server is a way to go. Unlike the pre-loaded levels, online Minecraft lets you build your world from the ground up. However, this method comes with risks. This guide will give you set up a private Minecraft server and avoid common security pitfalls. Once you’ve installed the necessary software, you can begin playing.

Setting up a Minecraft server

There are two main parts to setting up a Minecraft server. First, you want to know the IP address of the server. The IP address is the unique string of digits and periods used to identify computers on the internet. It is used to set a proper connection path and minimizes the risk of downtime. The second part is configuring security settings. You can set this up with a few clicks on a good hosting provider.

The next part is to install the server. You can get the Minecraft roleplay servers from the official website. If you choose a different one, the instructions are the same. Make sure to install the version you want for the Minecraft server. After installing the server, you should save the server—properties file. Next, move to your game and choose the Multiplayer tab. From there, you should see a dashboard where you can start playing.

Host a server

If you’re looking to host your own Minecraft server, you’ve come to the right place. Depending on the size of your server, you can use Vultr or a similar cloud infrastructure provider. When choosing a Minecraft server hosting service, look for features like a 100% uptime guarantee, DDoS protection, and a wide array of subdomains. Below is some method to help you choose the best Minecraft hosting service for your needs.

When setting up your Minecraft server, keep in mind that the more players on it, the more resources it will require. Generally, Minecraft servers can handle between four and eight players. To make sure your server is optimized for many players, choose a good CPU and RAM hosting provider. Alternatively, if you’re building a custom server from scratch, hire a hosting provider to handle the server setup.

Edit server. Properties

Before you can edit the server Properties file, you must know how to edit the Minecraft config file. Go to the Config Files menu and choose Edit server to edit this file. Properties. You can also modify other config file settings such as plugins and mods. You have to edit the file manually to change some of the default settings. To do so, follow the steps below.

First of all, make sure your server the properties file is suitable. You should check it before editing it. Usually, the file is in the /server/ directory. Make sure the server has been running long enough to get this file. Edit the file according to your wants and preferences. To disable hardcore mode, enable “disable hardcore mode.”

Join a server

If you want to perform Minecraft online, you need to join a server. You can do this easily by going to the Minecraft app’s Multiplayer tab and looking for the server name. There, you should see the IP and name of the server. You can also add your server if you have one or select from the server list here with roleplay mode for example. Follow these steps to join a server and enjoy the game! Once you’ve done this, you can play online Minecraft with other players.

To join a server, launch the Java version of Minecraft and then select the Multiplayer option. When you see the five-digit “port” number, click “Connect to server.” The game will now begin scanning the shared local network for nearby servers. Click the “Join Server” button when the right world comes up. After clicking “Connect,” the menu will close. You can now start playing online Minecraft! Just be sure to have the correct game version installed on your computer.

Customize your server

To customize your Minecraft server, you must set up a few different settings. The difficulty of your world can be set to easy, normal, or complex, and you can choose to allow or disallow griefing. Another important setting is the max-players option. The maximum number of performers a server can handle varies depending on the machine’s RAM. Other features include the level-seed and method options, which enable you to insert a seed into a world.

Next, you must install the necessary software to run the Minecraft server. You can use Windows Notepad or other text editors. Open the server configuration file and change the values to edit this file. Once the file has been edited, restart the server to apply your changes. You can set different options, including the server’s name, and customize it according to your preferences. Once you’ve installed the necessary software, you can start customizing your server.


You might need to reset or restart your router. Check you’re currently running plans for anything using your Internet bandwidth and close those curriculums. If you consume a firewall, antivirus software, or use a VPN, crisscross the sites to ensure that it does not block or decelerate your connection.

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