How to Predict Football Occasion Detailed From Long-time Master

Football betting is the most popular form of betting today. However, to be able to win when participating in this type of market, bettors need to apply the following rules: How to predict football odds  Quick wins are shared from experienced players. Let’s go with Nhà cái Hi88 Check out these tips.

What is special about football betting?

In the form of football betting, over and under markets also have other names such as over/under or O/U (Over/Under). This is How to predict football odds  based only on the score provided from the match, more specifically the participant does not care about the winning team but rather the total number of goals scored by both.

The betting experts all agree that the odds in the total number of goals are divided into two doors, the over and under. This is a bet based on the score of the match. ‘s missionbet The player will predict whether to bet on over or under. If the final result corresponds to the bet you selected, the player will receive the bonus.

Why should you learn  How to predict football odds ?

Before learning about the methods involved in predicting football odds, players need to understand why this bet is so popular through the following outstanding advantages:

  • Over and under betting is one of 3 typesrafters Hottest when participating in football betting. Compared to the European form of betting, the over and under bet will have a higher probability of winning with a variety of odds.
  • In football, the odds of winning for Over or Under are 50:50.
  • For newcomers, you can try the experience How to predict football odds  because it is quite simple and easy to reward.

Revealing tips for predicting football with high accuracy


Over and under betting is one of the bets with a very high payout ratio. Bets are divided into 2 main types: over and under for the first half and over and under for the whole match. The following content will be shared How to predict football odds  1st half or full game for players to refer to.

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How to check the odds for the whole match

Forfootball betting odds For the whole match, more participants will have more diverse choices. At this time, you will know the entire playing style of both teams as well as the situation on the field to make the most accurate predictions.

Thereby, in the event that if the 1st half loses but the 2nd half successfully removes the gauze, the player who bets on the full match will win with a reward rate many times higher than the 1st half over and under.

 How to predict football odds  with the first half

For the way of playing the first half, many bettors often have the mentality that the bet is not too big. The reason is that the bets in the first half are often more difficult to predict than in the second half. There are some people who are still concerned about this bet so they don’t want to have to play too much.

Compared to the full-match betting, the 1st half bet has a lower reward rate. The most common 1st half markets offered are 1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25 and 2.5. Betsin 1st half also counts for the first 45 minutes and the rest of the time will not be included in the bets.

Besides, How to predict football odds  in the first half is quite similar to the bet for the whole match. However, when the bettors make the first half bet, you should re-statistic the whole match result to make the most accurate prediction.

Some notes when playing football betting

  • To participate in football betting, the first thing that bettors need to do is wait for the first 10 minutes. At this time, the volatility of the over and under market often shows signs of decreasing, so the reward rate will be higher.
  • For teams with good records, the ability to bet on Over will bring a higher winning rate. Opposite, How to predict football odds  It also shows that teams with average scoring performance are much more likely to explode.
  • For matches where there are no goals in the first half, the possibility of appearing in the second half will be extremely high.
  • For new entrants, a How to predict football odds  You should remember not to bet too much or just play on your gut. Bettors should learn from experienced players to make accurate predictions for themselves.

The content shared above has provided information related to football prediction for you to refer to and apply. Through the sharing of the Hi88 playground, participants will know how to predict the bets and give more accurate analysis during the experience. Wish bettors have a good time through this betting odds.

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