How To Safely Clean & Care for Your Switches And Power Points

The one rule that is true when dealing with electricity is that water and electricity don’t mix. That’s why there are strict rules regarding where sockets and other fittings can be placed in bathrooms and kitchens.

In fact, stating that electricity and water don’t mix is misleading. Water is very good at conducting electricity. That means if you touch a switch or socket with wet hands you are more likely to encourage the electricity to move from the socket to the water on your hands and then into your body. In other words, water mixed with electricity is more likely to give you an electric shock.

That’s why you need to proceed with caution when cleaning and caring for your switches and power points.

Get Your Electrics Checked First

You shouldn’t install sockets and switches yourself, the current regulations emphasize the need for a professional to do it. But, regardless of who has fitted your electrical sockets and switches, you need to have a regular safety check performed by a reputable electrician Sydney.

This ensures there are no loose wires at the socket or switch. Damaged or loose wires can cause electric shocks, short circuits, and even house fires. It’s worth having the electrics checked before you clean your switches and power points.

Removable Switches

You’ll need to take a look at your light switches and sockets. Some fittings have removable covers. These simply click on and off. You should be able to remove them with light pressure in the right spot.

Once you have removed the covers you’ll be able to wash them in warm soapy water, the same way you would wash any dishes. This will remove any dirt and debris.

Naturally, they must be dried thoroughly before you clip them back into position.

However, you should read the instructions first, not all covers can be submerged in water, some can only be wiped over with a wet soapy cloth. If in doubt, wipe them instead of putting them in the water.

Cleaning In Place

If you can’t remove the covers then you’ll need to clean the switches and sockets in place. It’s best to start by simply dusting them. This can be enough to remove dirt and debris. However, if this approach doesn’t work then you are best off using a wet wipe and gently running it over the switch or power point.

If you have any concerns regarding this you can switch the power off to the circuit you’re working on and make sure any surface moisture is dried before turning the circuit back on.

In most cases, this will be enough to clean any dirt and sticky fingerprints from your sockets. But, if you need a little more you’ll find that a little disinfectant sprayed onto a dry cloth can be used. It will remove most marks, leaving your sockets and power points looking like new.

It is best to use a disinfectant with at least 70% alcohol content as this will ensure the switches are also germ-free.

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