How To Secure Your Business When Working Remotely

It’s crucial to keep your business secure when working remotely, whether you’re in a COVID-induced lockdown or just taking a break to spend time at home. 

Without anyone there to keep an eye on things, burglars and vandals could feel all-too-tempted to try their luck. A robbery or property damage could cause a massive financial setback, and insurance won’t cover you for hidden costs: lost income, employee turnover, and so on. 

The good news is that with modern technology on your side, you can keep close tabs on your business from anywhere in the world. In this post, we’ll explain how to monitor and protect your premises when you’re working remotely. 

Install Wireless Security Cameras

A wireless security system is the most effective way to protect your business from property damage and break-ins. By strategically positioning visible cameras near key entry points (doors and windows), you’ll deter almost all would-be thieves. Studies show the overwhelming majority of burglars only attempt soft targets; upon spotting a camera, they’ll simply move on. 

While some high-end security camera systems are expensive and complex, there’s a wide selection of affordable DIY options out there, too. A cost-effective CCTV system is well within reach of the average Aussie SMB, and the modest investment could save you a massive headache further down the track. 

Not sure what to get? At a minimum, look for a system with a high-resolution camera (1080p is ideal), night vision, a wide-angle lens, remote monitoring, and local/cloud storage.  

But above all else, make sure each camera is clearly visible from the outside.

Get Motion Sensor Floodlights

Sophisticated burglars and everyday street criminals prefer working under cover of darkness—they’re harder to see and even trickier to identify. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to keep the bad guys at bay is by lighting up the exterior of your premises.  

Motion sensor floodlights detect even the most subtle movement and automatically engage a blindingly bright halogen globe. This instantaneous illumination sends a clear message to potential intruders that they’re being watched, forcing all but the most fool-hardy to scurry away.

Most property owners combine motion sensor floodlights with a wireless security camera system. Burglars know this, which gives them even more incentive to flee the scene. 

Set Up Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring has revolutionised the security industry, and the technology has become accessible enough for even the smallest start-ups.  

The high-tech feature lets you view footage from each camera on your property over the internet in real-time, typically via an application on your mobile phone. What’s more, you don’t need to actively monitor the cameras—the system will send a push notification to your phone when it detects unusual activity. 

You can configure alerts to pop up when the motion camera detects movement or when a wireless alarm triggers inside. If you’ve hooked up a wireless intercom system, you can also receive real-time images when someone presses the doorbell. 

Most modern wireless security camera systems include remote monitoring functionality. If you’d like to take advantage of intercom or motion sensor notifications, you’ll need to ensure your devices are compatible with one another.  

Subscribe To A Suitable Storage Plan

While CCTV cameras work most effectively as a deterrent, they can also provide invaluable evidence to help you (or the police) identify troublemakers. By having a continuous, time-stamped surveillance record at hand, you can determine who’s been attempting to access your premises and when.

However, as high definition footage requires a substantial amount of data to store, it’s crucial to consider the most appropriate plan for your needs.

Localised storage will automatically overwrite old footage once your hard drive or SD card becomes full, typically after a week or so. The solution is cheap and easy-to-setup, but won’t let you maintain an ongoing record.

Cloud storage services, on the other hand, automatically upload footage onto an external server for permanent safekeeping, albeit with an attached monthly fee. The service would be overkill for some businesses but well worth it for others. 

Analyse your specific security requirements and budget to determine which option is appropriate for you. 

Install A Wireless Alarm

For several decades, alarm systems have been a valuable line of defence for business owners after hours—and the technology works just as well when you’re working remotely. A typical alarm system uses sensors on the doors and windows to detect a break-in or an internal motion sensor to monitor movement inside. 

Upon detecting a threat, the system triggers an ear-piercing alarm that alerts neighbouring businesses and prompts the intruder to flee.  

Modern, Wi-Fi-enabled alarms will send an instant push notification to your smartphone and can be configured to alert the police and/or your security team as well. For optimal security, grab a wireless alarm that is compatible with your security camera system. 

Use A Video Intercom System

A video intercom system lets you monitor visitors as they arrive at your property’s door(s), both via the included tablet-like display or remotely on a smartphone app. It’s a superb, cost-effective solution for protecting your business remotely, especially when used in conjunction with a wireless security system.

When a visitor presses the intercom doorbell, you receive a push notification on your phone and can see who’s there via real-time footage. Most video intercoms have a two-way audio feature so you can converse with the visitor if need be. 

It’s crucial to keep your business secure when working remotely, whether you’re in a COVID-induced lockdown or just taking a break to spend time at homeespecially if your business is in the field of concrete construction estimating.

Should you decide to let the person inside, you can do so remotely via the smartphone app. Otherwise, you can explain why you’re denying entry and let them know they’re being monitored—that’s enough to discourage virtually any would-be intruder. 

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Securing Your Business Remotely With Modern Technology

As you can see, there’s a wide array of high-tech devices on the market that can help safeguard your business while you’re working remotely. Technological advancement has seen prices plummet in recent years, making all these solutions within reach of the average Australian SMB. 

Take the time to research reputable wholesale surveillance camera, intruder alarm wholesalers and security suppliers, and then invest in the most appropriate option for your business. 

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