How to Store Cigars Without a Humidor

Many types of humidors are available on the market, ranging from travel humidors to acrylic humidors.  If you want to know where to buy one, you can check the reviews of the best acrylic humidors from LumBuy. All of them are good for storing your cigars.

However, you might be a starter hence can’t afford or access a humidor, or you are in a new place where you can’t access a humidor. Never get worried if you find yourself in such a situation.

This guide will give you a few tricks on how to store your cigars in perfect condition, just like the humidor could have done. However, it is best to note some of the ideal conditions for cigars before proceeding.

Ideal Cigar Conditions

A dozen numbers of factors can make your cigars get ruined. The most common and major elements are humidity and temperatures. Unideal conditions like low or high humidity and unhealthy temperatures can cause the cigar in-store to taste differently.

About 70% humidity and 21 degrees Celsius are the recommended storage conditions for cigars. It is key to note the conditions for the cigars at the time of purchase. This ensures that the prevailing taste and feel remain the same all through as the cigar ages.

Sponge and Zip-Seal Bag

This is one of the basic methods you can imagine if no other options are left. To use this system, you need to wet a kitchen sponge that hasn’t been used using distilled water. You need to place the wet sponge in a zip-seal bag that is clean with the cigars alongside. Make sure you zip or close tight the bag after doing the previous step. This method ensures that the cigars don’t dry out.

Use Coolers

Perhaps you might want to store your cigars for more than three weeks. You might also want to make a collection of your favorite cigars, but you lack a humidor. A cooler can be a lifesaver in such a scenario.

Coolers are often used to make foods and beverages cooler; they have a high capacity to maintain humidity and temperatures at constant levels. You might need to customize a humidification unit by using a hygrometer that is digitalized.

The digitalized hygrometer will mimic the real humidifier. You can also opt to use humidification pouches as an alternate method of creating constant humidity. This is one of the easiest and cheap ways of strengthening your cigars for longer periods in the absence of humidors.

Humidification Pouches and Tupperware

A Tupperware can be a customized jar or box to enhance specific temperatures and humidity conditions. It is of great value to ensure that the moisture does not escape or despite by ensuring that the lid is tightly closed.

You can use small plastic boxes or packets to ensure that optimal conditions of the cigars are achieved. One factor that you need to adhere to is the cleanness of the packet. It is fundamental to ensure that the packet is very clean. Always keep the packet at room temperature and dry cold place.

Use Cigar Wrappers

You might opt to leave the cigars in the wrappers you purchased them in. in this case, you need to ensure that the wrapped cigars are stored in a cold, dry place. Ensuring that the cigars’ atmospheric conditions remain averagely constant is critical.

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