How to Use the Dutching Calculator

What is Dutching? Dutching is a betting strategy where you split your stake over several selections. It is used by punters and betting exchanges as well. It is a highly profitable strategy but requires some skill. This article explains how to use a Calculadora dutching – Calculadora de Dutching. The calculator helps you make more profitable bets by using multiple selections and adjusting the stakes accordingly. You will also discover why it is so risky and which betting strategies work best with it.

Betting strategy

The term “dutching” refers to backing more than one selection in a race or event. A gambler who is specialised in dutching will often back several horses in a single race in order to increase the odds of winning and increasing the overall percentage profit. However, dutching is not a guarantee of profit. Rather, it is an advanced betting strategy that requires careful research and money management.

The term ‘dutching’ originated in the 1920s with a former accountant for the Italian gangster, AL Capone. This man used dutching to take advantage of the oddsmakers at horse races. After a period, the term came to mean ‘betting on more than one selection’. The term ‘Dutching’ is now widely used worldwide as a betting strategy for sports.

Used in betting exchanges

If you’re a regular matched bettor, you’ve probably heard about the Dutching Calculator. Basically, it divides a stake across multiple selections in an event, which can be extremely useful if you’re backing multiple outcomes. But did you know that dutching can also be used as an elaborate way to lay a bet? With the Dutching Calculator, you can make a profit even if only one selection wins.

In betting exchanges, you can use a Dutching Calculator to determine how much you can risk by placing a bet on one team, and another team, using the exact odds. Then, using a Dutching Calculator, you can determine how much you’ll need to stake to break even. In advanced mode, you can set your stake size, and calculate the potential losses. With this feature, you can also choose a qualifying bet or a free bet, and then calculate your potential profit.

It is used by punters

A Dutching Calculator is a tool that enables punters to easily calculate the amount they need to stake for each horse. It also displays the overall odds for each bet. Using a Dutching Calculator gives punters a clear picture of the amount of profit they can make. The interface includes technical terms, such as stake and target, odds format, round stakes, and multiple selections.

The main advantage of a Dutching Calculator is that it can help you determine how much to stake per selection. The tool is especially useful when betting on large fields with similar odds. It shows how much each selection should be staked at, so punters can make the most of this betting strategy. When the odds are right, punters can make substantial profits. It is also important to check the T&Cs for each promotional offer, as bookies can refuse to accept bets on the basis of stake limits.


Using a Dutching Calculator will help you figure out the right balance between betting on exact results and hedging. A good rule of thumb is to back as many outcomes as possible with a 50% chance of winning. This is not always possible, though. If you’re not sure what this means, paper trading is a great idea to find the right balance. Here are some tips on how to make sure that you’re doing your calculations correctly.

When you use a Dutching Calculator, you can enter the odds for each selection instantly. The calculator uses a decimal odds format. Simply input your odds and click the ‘Add Selection’ button. The calculator will instantly calculate your stakes and profits per selection. If you bet on multiple selections at the same time, you can increase your profit by clicking ‘Add Selection’. However, if you’re betting on one particular event, you should use a calculator that uses a decimal odds format.

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