How To Whatsapp Status Video Download And Save On Your Phone

WhatsApp status is a feature by which we can post status updates, can upload and share photos, text, videos, links, and GIFs. WhatsApp status disappears automatically after 24 hours. WhatsApp released this feature in 2017, from then people are using this to share their thoughts, and also for entertaining purposes. This character is alike Instagram and Snapchat. Many of us do not know how to Whatsapp Status Video Download and save.

 Sometimes we like someone’s WhatsApp status, image, or video but we do not know how to save or download them on our phone. Sometimes we take a screenshot of the WhatsApp status photo and if it is a video then we use a screen recorder to record the WhatsApp status video. It is really a difficult process. If we use this method we will not get a good picture or video quality. In today’s article, we will discuss about how to Whatsapp status video download, save and share, and much more.

How to WhatsApp Status Video Download on Android?

Method 1: File manager

WhatsApp status photos and videos save temporarily in media files that are became cache in the WhatsApp folder on our Android phones. Within 24-hour these media files get vanished. Here’s how you can download and use those files.

  1. First Open WhatsApp then view your preferred WhatsApp Status that you want to download.
  2. Open a File Manager app. If you do not have any file manager app, you can download the “Files by Google” App from the Google Play Store
  3. In the Settings page of your File manager app, enable the “show hidden file” option.
  4. Check your phone’s internal storage and find out a folder named “WhatsApp”
  5. Now go to Media > Statuses

If you follow these steps you will find all the status videos and photos that you have seen in the last 24 hours. Now, just copy the image or video that you want to save and paste it into any folder in your internal storage.

Method 2: Using Status Saver apps

Go to Google Play Store. There are a lot of applications called “Status Saver” or “Status Saver for WhatsApp” in the Google Play Store. Install the App. We can use these apps to save or download WhatsApp status videos, text, photos, and links. But there is one problem with those apps. These apps show us a lot of ads and it annoys us sometimes. But these Apps can be the easiest way to whatsapp status video download.             

Method 3: Using Screenshot and Screen Recorder

If we like any WhatsApp status photo that can be easily saved by using screenshots but problems occur when we like any WhatsApp status video and want to save it to watch later. There is a solution, many Android smartphones now come with a new feature that is called a screen recorder.  We can use this option to record any Whatsapp Status Video Download If anyone does not have a screen recorder on their phone they can install a screen recorder app on their phone. To install this app first we have to go to Google Play Store and then have to search “screen recorder”, now install the app. With this method we can record any video.

How to WhatsApp Status Video Download on iPhone?

  1. First, we have to have a BuildStore subscription,
  2. Uninstall the Original WhatsApp version from your iPhone.
  3. Register your iPhone on BuildStore.
  4. Open your Safari browser on your iPhone and now install the “WhatsApp ++” app from here.
  5. Now Open “WhatsApp++” and register here with a valid phone number.
  6. Go to the WhatsApp stories section.
  7. Tap on the top right corner button to download then select a folder to save afterward.

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