How To Write A Tribute For Your Parents

Once you decide to write a tribute for your parents, it should be one that honours them, consoles family, friends, and attendees at their burial or memorial. It also allows attendees to reflect on their own lives. In the passing of a parent, the responsibility to pay a deserving homage ensues. Consult Headstone Memorials Hawkesbury if you need to craft remarkable pieces befitting your loved ones today.

Writing A Tribute For Your Parents

Tributes or eulogies are as unique as the persons you write them for. Notwithstanding the flexibility of their content, they still roughly consist of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. It is noteworthy that a eulogy is different from an elegy. Below are some tips on how to write a eulogy for your parents.

Writing The Introduction

Set the tone of the atmosphere with a note of appreciation to all those present. Then, concisely introduce yourself by your name and the nature of your relationship with them. In this case, a son or a daughter. You could also bridge the introduction and the body by highlighting a trait, mantra, or quote that defined your parents and build a brief story around it.

Writing The Body

The body is the next segment. It is where you get to pen down the most important and memorable facts about your parents. Acquaint attendees with memorable facts and relished memories about your parents. Highlight their lovable character traits and their profound influence on you and your siblings. For example, how much of a hero they were or how supportive they were in your endeavors. Mention their impact on others as well.

Furthermore, mention important fond memories you have of them, and chip in the seemingly ‘little’ things that mattered to them. It may include their favorite football team, their most cherished animals, and their favorite shows. Also, their commendable services to the community and some of their laudable life achievements are things worthy of mention.

Writing The Conclusion

A substantial part of the essence of a tribute lies in how you round it off. In this segment, make sure to render great takeaways. Mention the things that your parents would like your parents to remember them by and those you want the audience too. Add accentuating quotes or sayings as well. Reiterate the purpose of the eulogy, how much you will miss them, and end on a note of appreciation.

Write to Connect With The Audience

The goal of a tribute is to honor your loved ones, reminisce fond memories with those present, comfort them and stir up self-reflection in them. Therefore, ensure the eulogy connects with as well as engages them. Write with a tone that does justice to this. It could be a warm, gentle tone, or an energetic one, as befitting your parents and their personality. Ensure not to stir up too much tragedy in your tribute.


When penning down your tribute, brainstorm facts about your parents, and jot down as many memories as you can reminisce. Consult your family members and colleagues and note their points for extra information. It will give you much to work with.

Trim off phrases with negative undertones. Remember, the purpose is to honor your parents. Remove anything that suggests otherwise. While at it, you should note that eulogies often span between three and ten minutes. Therefore, write with an awareness of time, and prioritize quality.

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