How Your Hair Grows and Can You Fasten It

The cluster of hairs on the scalp is called hair. Hair has a structure that grows faster than other hair clusters. On average, between 0.3 mm and 0.4 mm elongation occurs per day. Many people are bothered with slow hair growth or hair loss, and some of them even consider hair transplant in Istanbul, which is a very popular operation nowadays, because the city has some of the best hair transplant prices in the world.

How Does Hair Grow?

In order for your hair to grow fast, blood circulation in the scalp needs to be accelerated constantly. You can accelerate your blood circulation by massaging your scalp with your fingers while taking a bath. Also, constantly changing the temperature of the water while you are taking a shower will be of great help. The growth of your hair is also closely related to your diet and what you consume daily.

Fatty acids and omega 3 in fish and nuts help nourish your scalp and hair. Consuming these foods on a regular basis is crucial both for your health and rapid hair growth.

Does Washing Every Day Grow Hair Faster?

Washing hair every day, in fact, causes the beneficial oils on the hair to decrease and the hair to dry out. The drying out can cause the hair to dry out, break, and eventually, fall out. Therefore, experts argue that it is only correct to wash the hair 2 or 3 times a week to ensure that the beneficial oils are not dried out and this way, hair grows faster. While washing your hair, you can massage your scalp with small movements to accelerate blood circulation too!

Correct Hair care

In order for the hair to grow fast and healthy, it is crucial to pay attention to hair care. You can apply natural hair masks at home for damaged hair due to weather conditions or exposure to heaters and help the hair regain its lost moisture. You can also strengthen your hair with natural oils to maintain the moisture balance of the hair. Especially with argan oil and almond oil, which are frequently preferred, you can prevent the dryness and breakage of the hair quickly.

Massage Your Hair

Use natural oils both to nourish and grow your hair. Oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and argan oil are perfect choices for this. In order to feed your hair with these oils, of course, you will need to massage them lightly to your scalp. his method is very effective for promotion of hair growth

Change Your Pillowcases

Regular pillowcases can increase friction and cause damage to hair strands, thus causing an unhealthy appearance or breakage. With silk or satin pillowcases, you could ensure that your hair does not lose its strength and grows more healthily and faster.

Do Not Use towels

Regular towels can easily damage the hair by absorbing its moisture and natural oils, and also by creating big friction on your hair. Using an unused t-shirt or microfiber towel to gently dry your hair will prevent you from damaging it. This way your hair will be able to grow faster than usual.

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