Ideas to create digital business in 2022

Artificial intelligence is a field of computer science that teaches machines to perform tasks that a human being must use their intelligence to do, such as learning, seeing, speaking, socializing, thinking or solving problems. When these tasks are performed by computers, it is called artificial intelligence, or AI. Artificial intelligence is now present in everyone’s daily life, for example when Spotify recommends a song, when Facebook recognizes and identifies someone, or when a text message is dictated using Siri. With consumers increasingly using AI, marketers and businesses need to adapt. The goal of artificial intelligence is not to replace human beings or the need for human contact. It is about improving and developing the ability to communicate with an audience, and help them solve their problems faster and more comprehensively. Business Broker Jacksonville Florida is very useful when it comes to selling and buying a business, analyze it to make a decision.

Spotify to promote audio version of your business

Spotify can be a great way to promote your business to larger masses, you can upload tutorials, explanations, guides, etc to your own spotify and you will get listeners, you can also buy spotify streams if you want to grow your channel more easily. It’s important to have audio strategy for the business. So, you should focus more on growing Spotify channels. You can buy Spotify streams to gain more popularity with the algorithm.

Chatbots to streamline conversational marketing

More than half of consumers expect to receive a response in less than 10 minutes when talking to a marketing, sales or customer service team, which is hardly achievable. This is one of the reasons why 40% of marketers using automation use chatbots. Chatbots are managed by software that automates certain tasks, usually by chatting with a user on a dedicated interface. Their existence is possible thanks to artificial intelligence, which allows them to understand complex questions, provide personalized answers and improve interactions over time. Bots thus provide a compelling individualized experience to hundreds of people simultaneously, which no one member of a customer service team, or an entire team, would be able to do. Many consumers are annoyed by having to repeat the same information to different members of the sales or customer service teams, but fortunately chatbots will continue to make their lives easier.

Offer a personalized customer experience 

In a world where digital channels are saturated with advertisements and emails, the strategy of a personalized customer relationship seems complex. Indeed, a real duality is found in customer feedback. 68% of them appreciate that a brand they have already purchased alerts them when a product is on sale. However, 53% of them feel attacked by an advertisement that pursues them on the networks. It is therefore essential to know how to properly manage the use of data while offering a personalized and adapted customer experience.

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