Importance of Collaboration of Self-Study & Home-Schooling

Though there are so many new and innovative tools to help the students in their studies like LMS and ERP still students always keep trying something challenging in their learning like self-study or home-schooling. In self-study or home-schooling there are no boundaries, one can take help from external resources like the internet, books, online study materials etc. There is nobody who can guide or give details from the research work in such a manner of study. Earlier self-study had only one basics and that was books and journals written by experienced scholars but today students are able to access knowledge from almost all fields just on one click of their android mobile. Let’s have a look at the benefits of Self-Study. Self-study boosts up the creativity level of the students and makes them understand the hard work of teachers also which they do in order to teach. It increases the thinking level and imagination power of the students. Self-study is more exciting and funnier as compared to regular learning because searching for something new and that all without any assistance is a unique thing. Students become grave towards the responsibilities on him/her because he/she performs self-study in a responsible way. Self-learning is a tremendous process where one reads from books and several other resources to find out some new information and knowledge rather than listening to the lecturer in a traditional way to only what he/she teaches. Self-learning is the only method where a student or learner can prepare the study material according to his or her convenience. Self-learning develops self-confidence and sense of maturity as a self-learner performs his study work very carefully.

Self-study is very important in order to make one realize that he or she is not compelled to listen to one particular boring lecture again and again. It makes a learner realize that he or she can also be a researcher and can find out new information regarding any topic and even can be respected also for his or her unique knowledge. Let’s understand how to perform self-study during home-schooling. To perform self-study, it is necessary that one should set his or her goal first regarding what topic the learner wants to perform his/her own study. If professionally one has to perform learning and he or she has chosen self-learning then it becomes essential that the learner has to formulate a well-designed and result oriented self-learning pattern. It is so, because one’s hard work should be directed towards such efforts which can result in a good outcome. Then the learner should search for some trustworthy resources from where he or she can gather knowledge and information regarding the topic he or she wants to learn about. It can be the internet or books or journals, which can be used as reliable and good sources of information. Learner can face various problems also being a sole researcher and without help but he or she has to search for any such problem while researching by themselves. Learners should take help from technological support too these days which are available easily. There are so many books and journals available online which can be studied and something new can be found in it. Learning is a continuous process and in order to find out something enhancing and new one has to learn continuously. On the other hand, the habit of continuous learning proves to be beneficial in life ahead too.

It is a common belief that the students who receive education at home don’t have the same social skills and manners as compared to students who received education in school physically.  As a parent a couple has to bear huge expenses and have no time for themselves; on the other hand, home-schooling perfectly fits the child’s needs. As a part of relationships, kids who get educated at home have better understanding of relationships with their families than that of others. Additionally, parental involvement can prevent aggressive and destructive behaviors in teens and pre-teens, which is another solid point to consider. Students who have their schooling at home mostly face problems with socializing and making friends later in life. The second most difficult phase of this change is the cost of this education, where either parents teach their children at home or they hire a tutor, in both the conditions their budget will get bothered. Now on the other hand those who support home-schooling also give some robust and rock-solid evidence in support of it such as in home-schooling children have a chance to learn with their comfortability. For example, for the preparation of math exams students need math notes mostly. In those math notes they prepare their notes from various books according to their understanding, far better than boring notes which are always the same to every kind of student and most students don’t get anything in it.

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