Important Considerations When Purchasing a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Wet and dry vacuum washers are cleaning equipments that are not only used in removing of dust, but also in the removal of wet leaksandspills. These vacuum cleanersaremost suitable for floorscleaning and dusting curtains.

This article majorly focuses on the crucial factors to consider when purchasing a wet and dry vacuum washer.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaning machine makes the cleaning work easy and fast. They are perfectsuits for outside areas and workshopsdue to their ability of cleaning all sorts of dirt, eg, stagnant water and large scraps.

Before purchasing a vacuum cleaning machine,the following factors should be at the back of your mind;

1. The market value

Before anyone buys anything, they always want to know the price of the product. Purchasing a vacuum cleaner is no different; one will always want to know the price first. Knowing the price helps one to plan within their budget and avoid spending more than they intended.

The prices of wet and dry vacuum cleaner Kenya may vary based on the brand, seller and the cleaner’s quality.

2. Warrant validity period

In advance, the buyer should check or ask for the validity period of the warrant beforeagreeing to purchase a vacuum cleaner. One should also check what the warrant covers and the coverage procedure. The warrant should cover the needs of your intentions with the machines and within a reasonable period. Longer coverage show the company truststheir products.

3. The machine’s suction pressure

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner’s suction powermeasured using kilopascals to denote it. This denotes the difference between the pressure inside the cleaner’s hose and the normal atmospheric pressure. Good vacuum power should be in the range of 6 and 20 kilopascals. Such power will comprehend high suction power.

4. Waste tank capacity

The major factor to consider when selecting the suitable tank size is the dirt amount of dirt you intend to get rid of in your home. In case your cleaner is intended a relatively small home, a large waste tank would not be suitable.

5. Filtration

Always check the filters before agreeing to buy any vacuum cleaner. When buying a vacuum washer, HEPA filters are the recommended ones. When cleaning dry areas,make sure the filters have been correctly fixed to stop dust and dirt from propellingoff the top. When washing wet surfaces,one isexpected to remove the filters to ensure they are not damaged.

6. Noise level

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, the buyer should check the level of noise the machine produces. Noisy cleaning machinesare not suitable for households with toddlers or people noise-sensitive people.

It is important to ensure that one doesn’t buy a cleaner that discomforts the others around.


The factors discussed above are the major factors to consider. There are other considerations that might arise depending on the buyer’s needs. As you consider the above needs, you also have to think of your own needs and that of the people around.

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