Important Facts To Know About a Welding Generator

There are situations where welding needs to be done yet there is on electricity connection. With a welding generator you should worry less. This is because you can still perform welding in a place where there is no electricity. The article below is going to discuss in detail the general things that you should know about a welding generator and the different types and also their prices.

What is a welding generator?

This is a question that many people tend to ask. This is a generator that uses fuel instead of electricity during the welding process. They are mostly used in places where electricity has not been installed.

Power input and output

Depending on the welding process being done, the level of power input keeps on varying. When choosing a welding generator, you should put into consideration the welding skills you have and also the tasks you will be performing regularly. Also, the level of input varies according to where you will be performing the tasks. If you are in a big industry, the level of input must also be high for it to be efficient.

Size and weight

Different types of welding generators are operated from different positions. For example, during construction the welding generator needs to be moved up and down. You are then advised to have a portable welding generator so that you can be able to operate it from various angles. Very heavy welding machines might not be highly recommended.


For a generator to be durable then its construction must be strong. This is because it will be used more frequently. There are many welding generators but they have different construction styles. Durability and quality will therefore affect welding generator price in Kenya.

Duty cycle

This refers to the number of times the welding generator can offer a required current before it is cooled down.  It is a very important factor that should be put into consideration. A welding generator with a higher duty cycle is preferred as it can keep going for long and hence it has a higher price.

Nature of the material and its thickness

Different materials are welded using different welding technologies. The thicker the material, the harder the welding process and hence more power is required. You should put into consideration the type of material you will be regularly working on so that you will be able to choose a suitable welding generator.


The best welding generators come with warranties and technical support. However, there are second hand generators that might not offer the same. This is however acceptable because one might not have enough starting capital to buy a brand new welding generator. As time goes by, they might make profits and buy a new welding generator that has a warranty.

In conclusion, welding generators are an answer to people who might be wondering how they can perform welding yet they do not have electricity in their working sites. Before purchasing a welding generator one should put into consideration some important factors that have been discussed above. These are factors like durability and quality among other factors. You should do enough research before purchasing a welding generator.

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