Innovative learning methods 

Innovation and creativity have become a key part of our lives now. It is something highly appreciated  and followed. Creativity can be involved everywhere to create things that have not existed and  developed till then. A learning platform and a classroom can be creative and unique too. This helps to  create new experiences and knowledge. Different strategies and techniques have to be adopted to form  creativeness and innovation among teachers and students in the learning process.

Let’s discuss the ways by which classes can be made interesting and enhancing with the use of an  innovative approach. The mindset, mood, and personality of the teacher make a huge impact on the  student’s education. If the students find a teacher encouraging, cheerful, and concentrated they  automatically develop an interest in the learning process. Whether a traditional modern of learning or  an online class, a teacher’s way of teaching matters a lot. Their creativity and focus while designing a  course or a subject matter the most. Instead of just teaching what’s written in the books they should  include other things such as experiences of the society, the impacts, own life teachings, and much more.  This way educators will be able to deliver the content more effectively. They would be able to create  better bonds with the students, as students love listening to these things apart from book reading.  When educators are interested and excited about their respective subjects, students also follow the  same enthusiastic spirit. Teaching can be made fun and innovative where teachers share lively,  examples, stories, and experiences. The fun is doubled when students also engage in participation. A very healthy and goal- oriented environment is created this way. Technology is changing the face of education and this is surely a creative technique as  compared to only one-way communication in which teachers speak and students listen. If we talk about  an online class through the best app for online teaching it should also possess the ways and techniques  for creative learning. And yes, we all know that online teaching apps utilize technology so learning is  creative and unique automatically. The teachers should be well trained, focused and should be provided  with well-equipped facilities by the management or the app holders/owners. While teaching, a teacher  should try to be free from the stress, work pressure, and other tensions of society. In the timing of  taking classes, their full focus, and concentration should be on imparting innovative education to  students. In an online class, other than showing presentations, modules, live sessions can be organized  according to the schedules and availability of the teachers and the students. During these live virtual  classes, debates, and argumentation on healthy topics can be performed by the students. This allows a  good exchange of information and opinions among each other. This way students experience contrasting knowledge and ideas that other students have. This process deepens and promotes their  learning ability. Their speaking skills and vocal quality is also improved. These kinds of debating classes  also boost the confidence level of the learners. Problem-finding and problem-solving activities should be  included in the learning model. This process includes students finding the growing problems in society  and studying about them, and later working towards solving the issues and complications. This  technique will let students explore several issues and the complexity of the world. This improves their  critical thinking ability. They think and study more deeply and curiously. This curiosity is good and  healthy to promote creative learning among students. This is surely an innovative step in the education  process. online English school teaching is providing several benefits to learners and educators all across the world. It  has brought a revolution in the existing education techniques. Education technology has evolved a lot in the last few years. The best app for online teaching will also organize seminars and workshops for their  students. In these seminars, big entrepreneurs and professors impart the best knowledge and  information to the listeners. These sessions are quite supportive and beneficial when listened to

attentively. With the help of virtual connectivity, these kinds of sessions are now easier to organize. By  being in any part of the world, the innovators and learners can connect to discuss a particular topic of  interest. The entrepreneurs, professors or innovators who are called for the session are quite  experienced and had already achieved a lot in their respective lives. Thus, students gain very helpful  experience from them. They get a lot of information about careers, what’s good and what would be  selected after the completion of their courses. The above mentioned are a few skills and techniques  which can be included in a classroom to make learning creative and innovative for the students. It can  bring some healthy and effective changes to the existing forms

By: Simran Sabharwal.

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