Interested in desk hoteling software? Why a Custom Programming Solution is Right For You

For business owners looking to adopt a new software service into their business model, whether to get an out-of-the-box software or a custom programmed one is always difficult.

While, at first glance, an out of the box software solution may seem to address all the needs of your business at a cheaper cost, a custom programming solution may, in fact, not only be more cost-friendly in the long run but be better suited to handle concerns you didn’t even know you had.

This article will look at desk hoteling software and why you might choose a custom programming solution to handle it.

What is Desk Hoteling Software

Desk hoteling software lets employees reserve desk and office space. In a modern office, many employees are hybrid workers who work from home and the office, so to maximize office space, desk hoteling software allows them to reserve a desk if they are going to be in the office that day. Even employees who work at an office full time often prefer having unassigned office spaces to pick and choose where and who they would like to work with, depending on the project they are currently working on.

Benefits of Desk Hoteling Software

The main two benefits of desk hoteling software allow employers to maximize their office space. Square footage is a finite resource for most offices, so coming up with solutions that will enable you to get the most out of your office space is always valuable. By allowing hybrid workers to thrive, employers can hire more employees than the office is physically capable of holding.

Benefits of Custom Programming

When purchasing a desk hoteling software for your business, you have two options: a standard solution; a one size fits all software for your business. Or a custom programming solution, where the service provider looks at your needs and creates a software system to match them perfectly. Here are the benefits a custom programming solution provides.

Integrates With the Software You Use Already

Implementing new software into your business routine is straightforward to adopt new software that completely overrides your current practices and forces your entire company to adjust on the fly. The software maker can examine what services you use and integrate them with the new software with a custom programming solution. Hence, there is little to no adjustment period for your employees.

Better service support

The software will fail occasionally, and it comes with the territory. However, with a custom programming solution, the provider intimately knows the code and how it interacts with your business practice. They can more adequately offer you technical support if you experience a hiccup.

A Custom Programming Solution May Be Just What Your Business Needs

No business, even those in the same industry, operates the same way. So it makes sense that an out-of-the-box software solution won’t always match your needs perfectly. If you struggle to adopt desk hoteling software because you want it to integrate with other aspects of your business more smoothly, a custom programming solution may be what you need.

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