Investing in agriculture – The Walnut Fund case study

Rarely do I get excited about a startup as much as I did about the one I’m about to present to you. As an investor, I’m always looking for something new, innovative and above all profitable. Having been heavily invested in the stock market, precious metals and crypto space I was now looking for something new and innovative. What I discovered was…. The Walnut Fund

About their business

The walnut fund is truly a very unique platform. They offer clients worldwide the possibility of investing in walnut trees with a very straightforward model. You (the client) buy “X” trees, they plant the trees and take care of them, when the trees begin to produce walnuts the profits are split equally.

What I did next…

I read through the website and began doing my due diligence. I back checked the facts on their website (everything seems legit), did a background check on the team members and then, I sent them an email that went something along the lines “this seems too good to be true, can I get some more information”.

To my astonishment I got a response within the hour. Having invested through dozens of investing platforms and knowing the horrors that customer service can be… I was very pleasantly surprised to say the least. Within 2 emails we had an E-meet organized!

The Walnut Fund team

I was greeted by Damian and Lazar, the founder and CEO. We talked for about an hour and they told me all the ins and outs of the business.  So to make your lives easier I’m going to sum it up with a pros/cons list!


  • Amazing team! Down to earth guys that know their business phenomenally! I always like to invest in people, and trust me… they are worth investing in.
  • Very lucrative and long term business concept that is relatively low risk
  • A true passive income model
  • Low barriers of entry – almost anyone can invest
  • Super Eco-friendly. Not a lot of business can boast the same!
  • They are looking to expand into the blockchain world and stated that their early investors will have benefits going forward.


  • Walnut trees take some time to mature/grow. There is a bit of a wait until the money starts coming in.
  • They are based in Europe – a roadblock for investors focused only on investing in the USA
  • Only institutional investors (investments greater than 500k$) get stake in the plantation land. Smaller investors are only investing in the trees themselves.


If you’re looking for a secure investment that can bring substantial future profits and at the same time are willing and able to wait it out a bit… then The Walnut Fund is right for you. I invested 20k (150 trees) and I am forecasted to make approximetaly 6000$/year for the next 40 odd years, and a lifetime return surpassing 230 000$.

Check them out –

Go Walnuts!

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