Is it Beneficial to Buy a Ready-made Gojek Clone? Know the Pros and Cons

Considering today’s on-demand market, having an online store is essential for all entrepreneurs. If we talk about the on-demand market, then Gojek is the most trendy topic to discuss. Whether a business offers meal service, transportation, grocery, clothing, or much more, this is a single-service business that attracts consumers. 

Now assume that you are the consumer, so will you prefer to download several applications for different tasks, or will you go with the solution that offers all the services into a single app? Of course, our priority will be to go for the smart solution. This is the main reason Gojek is attracting a large audience. Gojek is a multi-service concept making people’s everyday life easier. 

Gojek was only started as a taxi-hailing service provider, but now Gojek is Indonesia’s leading super giant. Not only that, but the company didn’t have an online platform at the startup phase. Taxi hailing service was provided by phone call. And at present, if we check Gojek, we can know that it avails more than 20+ services to its customers. 

As of July 2022, Gojek contributed 52% sales market share in Indonesia’s transportation industry. Coming to the point, Gojek is the role model for all the entrepreneurs who are still afraid to hit a startup. If you are an entrepreneur looking forward to growing your business, this guide is for you to check out. 

Overview of Gojek Clone 

What is the reason for choosing the Gojek clone and not anything else? What is a Gojek clone? Stay tuned. We are going to discuss everything in this guide. 

First, let’s understand what a Gojek clone is. Whenever any specific topic gets viral, then everyone looks forward to getting a piece of it. Gojek clone is that viral topic that made all entrepreneurs go after it. For that purpose, development companies built ready-made solutions for businesses who wish to develop an app solution similar to Gojek so they can also establish their multi-service business with this solution. 

Gojek clone is a mobile application that allows users to shop for variable everyday essential services like meals, grocery, delivery, and more under one platform. Moreover, people can save more phone space and get rid of all the single-service app that allows shopping for only one service. Now let’s check out some of the best pros of buying a ready-made Gojek clone for your business. 

Advantages of Buying Ready-made Gojek Clone 

Choosing the clone app is a straightforward way to take your business online. Here are some pros of getting a ready-made platform;

Save More on Budget 

Have you thought developing an app from scratch would fit your budget? Building an app is not an easy process though its costs a lot of budgets. You have to spend independently on the app platform, designing, functionalities, app developers, and more. As per the reports, iOS holds the largest share of smartphone operating systems, resulting if you choose the iOS platform to launch your app you must be ready to loose your budget. On the other hand, you can cut off this cost on the ready-made solution. Since the platform is already built, you only have to pay for the purchase. 

Save More Time 

Developing a mobile application is a time-consuming process, especially when the app size is large, such as Gojek. You have to wait too long to get started with your business. But you can minimize the time by choosing the Gojek clone. Why wait so long when you can launch your platform in 6 to 8 days with a Gojek clone? 

Market Tested Solution 

Selecting the market-tested solution always assures that the solution will be impactful in the current market. Gojek clone is a market-tested solution that gives the surely to improve your business growth, and as well you can expand your revenue streams. 


The clone apps are accessible for customizable. Since it’s a ready-made app, there is no requirement to make changes in coding. But according to your preference, you can make changes to the app with the help of development agencies. 


Developing an application from scratch requires a lot of tasks, such as doing market research, consumer analysis, planning, and so on. But by choosing the ready-made solution, you can discard all the things. Because the solution is already ready, you just have to modify it according to your preference which genuinely makes the effortless process of buying the ready-made software. 

Advanced Features 

Since the clone app allows you to customize the in-app features, you can add advanced features that are trending in the market. By adding advanced features, you can run your online store more effectively. It is also essential to add features that your audience loves to use. Such as live tracking, AR/VR technology, live chat support, and more. 

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Cons of the Gojek Clone Application 

This ready-made solution does have some cons when it comes to its uniqueness and scalabilities; 

Though it offers customization to make any changes according to your business niche, the clone app might give partial access to customization. There are some limited options to customize the app. 

The clone app differs in the quality potential compared to the custom app development. Because the clone is built by considering the original concept, you can face a few quality issues. Initially, the quality depends on the development company you choose to buy the solution. 

There are also chances to get less uniqueness in ready-made solutions. On the other hand, you also have to face some security issues. If you are going to develop the app from scratch, then you can ensure security and privacy because everything is in your hands. But in a ready-made solution, the security factor is far from your hands.

What to Choose? Custom App or Clone App? 

Consider the below factors that might help you to decide between a clone app and a custom app. 

First of all, if we check on the cost structure, the clone app wins the race because it’s less expensive compared to the custom app. Besides this, on the custom app, you have to spend on too many factors, which will cost a high budget. As per the chart, you can see how much dollars have to pay developers to build your software. 

Second, if you want to save time and need something on an urgent basis or you can wait too long to get started with your business, then again, a Gojek clone is the best way to go. If you choose the custom app solution, you must wait too long since building an app from the ground takes a lot of time. 

At last, you must seek out your business niche; if your business goal meets the Gojek clone, you can go ahead. For example, if you are trying to satisfy the goal of a multi-service platform, then it will surely be the best solution to pick. 

Final Words

So we have learned various benefits of buying the Gojek clone. You can launch your online business in a cost-effective way with the clone platform. Therefore, if you are a multi-service business owner, getting an app platform can lead your business to new opportunities for growth. 

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