Is The Hospital Liable For Bed Sores? 

When you go to the hospital to get treated for an injury or disease, you go with the hope of recovering rather than developing additional health issues. It is common for patients to develop bed sores when they are admitted to a hospital for an extended period of time, which is something they do not expect. However, bed sores can be avoided and only occur due to the staff’s negligence. 

Once a person gets admitted into a hospital, it is the hospital staff’s duty to ensure the safest environment by providing the best care possible. However, due to the carelessness of some staff members or nurses, the patient may develop bed sores. If you have experienced the same inconvenience, consult at The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone

Do bed sores happen due to negligence, or are there other possible reasons? 

Bed sores are indeed a result of negligence on part of the hospital staff. These conditions are impossible to occur when there is adequate attention towards the patient as bed sores are extremely avoidable injuries. They occur when a bony part of the body puts pressure on the skin for a long period of time. 

Therefore, bed sores usually occur when a patient is lying in the same position on their hospital bed for several hours or days on end. They can be avoided simply by helping the patient turn to the other side so that the pressure is now on another part of their body. 

Since bed sores are injuries that should not happen with patients receiving even the minimal of care, they are often taken seriously. This is because bed sores only occur when a patient has been completely neglected by the hospital team for an extended period of time. Medicare and many insurance companies do not compensate patients for bed sores while they are being treated for another condition. 

Which patients are more likely to experience bed sores? 

Hospitalized patients who cannot move their bodies on their own without additional help are more prone to bed sores. This generally includes the following types of patients: 

  • Patients in the ICU. 
  • Patients hospitalized for severe injuries. 
  • Patients with poor dietary habits. 
  • Patients with risk factors for bed sores. 
  • Patients with certain medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkison’s disease, etc. 

In some cases, patients going through long hours of extensive surgery may experience bed sores due to lying on the operating table for a long time. 

Since hospitals owe their patients a duty of care, you are entitled to damages if you have bed sores. Contact an attorney today. 

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