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I work with a wide range of metals and jewelry alloys: stainless steel, gold and silver wrap, 925 silver, brass, stylist, full gold, 3 micron gold, feathers, pompoms, rattan, glass, natural stones, rhinestones, swarovski. .. That can make the jewelry more or less the same. You need to protect your jewelry from moisture and light in order to keep it as long as possible. The best is to keep it dry in their first box when you are not wearing it.

How to protect your jewelry?

I know that if we really like our jewelry, we want to keep it loose for as long as we can.

  • Avoid moisturizing and scrubbing such as: hand washing, shower, bath, shower, beach, sports, swimming pool …
  • Do not expose them: sweat, in extreme heat, in very humid rooms, odors, body milk, oils, chemicals and cosmetics …
  • Bring them out to sleep and store in a dry place, preferably in their original boxes or bags.
  • When they come in contact with water, wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Large parts of our designer jewelry

Character is important to me in the creation of jewelry. I use a wide range of items to benefit from the many benefits that each of them offers.

Focus on main features:

Stainless steel: i love this item, which makes it possible to have beautiful, vibrant creatures that last over time.

Stainless steel is less prone to corrosion over time, its color will last longer, it is hypoallergenic and does not cause any blemishes on the skin, is non-corrosive and requires little repair. Guaranteed nickel, lead and cadmium for free.

Gold or silver enamel: i love pure gold and soft silver jewelry.

Gold plated corresponds to a thickness equal to three microns of gold embedded in stainless steel (copper, zinc, brass, silver). Gold jewelry has the same potential as made of pure gold and has the potential to give it a great deal.

Gold-plated Wholesale Jewelry can damage and chip over time, so it requires special daily care. Avoid wearing them when washing dishes or other household chores, remove them before washing and consider keeping them in their original packaging.

Brass: gold or silver color alloy consisting mainly of copper and zinc. This highly flexible metal is widely used to make jewelry.

Like silver, this metal can oxidize in contact with the skin or simply with oxygen in deep air. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you dry your jewelry after wearing it with chamois or a soft cloth, to keep each one in its own or in a bag, to prevent damp air and any contact with water, or to remove it during exercise. You can restore its color by cleaning with a special copper or precious copper product.

Metal designer characteristics: very high european type metal. Dq jewelry is made of an alloy of metal covered with gold, silver, bronze or copper.  If you expose them to moisture too often, they will end up oxidizing, so to protect them as well as possible, avoid wearing them to wash yourself or your sports and keep them dry in their box or dust. Origin.

Guaranteed nickel, lead and cadmium for free.

Acrylic pearls: these colored bombs are sensitive to moisture; to keep the color as long as possible, avoid contact with water, sweat, perfumes and cosmetics.

925 silver: 925/1000th silver is also a sturdy silver precious metal that is widely used in jewelry. It consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. This alloy makes silver more hard and thus easier to work with.

The soft-free rhodium silver will stain and darken over time. Its oxidation is a natural process that occurs at a high level of material and there is no way it can change the quality of a product. 

The acidity of the skin of a person wearing jewelry is one of the factors that accelerates the aging of 925 silver jewelry. With naki, it is very easy to restore its shine by cleaning it from time to time with a damp cloth or shammy. You can also use a suitable product for silverware, which is available in major stores. Lastly, avoid wearing your jewelry in the shower and exposing yourself to chemical exposure. If it comes in contact with water, be sure to wipe it dry.

Gold filled: a brass seat covered with several layers of gold (14 or 18 carats, depending on the expression), depending on the mechanical type structure and not by electrolysis such as platings. The amount of gold used is 50 times greater than what is used to make an object of the same gold bond. This concoction, firmly established over time and inherited from the 19th century, today has become very popular in north america especially and has begun to do so in europe.

To clean your gold-plated jewelry, nothing could be easier. Gently wash the metal and wash it with clean water and then wipe it with a soft chamois cloth. Your jewelry should reflect its brilliance.

Do you have a request or a question about the design of our designer jewelry?

If you have a question about our materials apply to our jewelry design. You can contact me by email and i will be happy to reply you.

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