KuCoin Will Start Luna USDT from June 2022

KuCoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading exchanges, has announced that it will begin trading USDT price tokens on its platform. The exchange will start accepting deposits starting from June 22nd, and trading will commence on June 23rd at 3:00 AM GMT +8 (Hong Kong Time).KuCoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency stocks trade for various computerized resources and digital currencies.

Sent off in September 2017, KuCoin has developed into one of the most famous cryptos trades and right now has more than 20 million enlisted clients across 207 nations and locales all over the planet. Known as “Individuals’ Exchange,” KuCoin is a worldwide crypto trade with its functional settled in Seychelles, giving clients day in and day out multi-language client administrations. In the meantime, KuCoin has laid out 23 nearby networks in Europe, Southeast Asia, and different districts, furnishing clients with profoundly confined administrations.

Luna is a blockchain-based data platform that allows users to monetize their data by creating a “virtualized copy.” This copy can then be sold to companies using the platform for research purposes. Thanks to its encryption and decentralization, the company claims that the process is secure. The Luna team was founded by a group of scientists from Stanford University.

Lust Token

LUST is the token of Luna, a new social media platform that’s launching soon. The blockchain will be based on EOS, and users will be able to get unrestrained LUST when they sign up. The luna token uses the same technology as Tezos and is a decentralized and uncensorable cryptocurrency. Using this technology, Luna aims to provide users with a stable coin resistant to inflationary pressure.

The floating rate of luna is tied to the US dollar. The token can be purchased with bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) and through fiat currency deposits on KuCoin’s platform.

KuCoin plans 

The company plans to launch with a minimum viable product (MVP) in 2022, at which point it will be inviting users to test it out. Users can earn more LUST by interacting with other users on the platform and posting content themselves—and they’ll have an entire year to do so before launching their full version.

The LUA will be pegged to the US Dollar, though it will be backed with a basket of gold and silver assets. It will also be redeemable for real gold and silver bars.

The LUA is designed to be more transparent than many other stable coins, as it will be audited by a third party each month. It is also expected that these audits will be publicly available for anyone to see.


KuCoin announced that it would start listing the USDT-Luna stable coin on June 5th. The exchange will commence trading of USDT-Luna price on the same day. The announcement was made today via KuCoin’s blog. The exchange is also announcing its upcoming “KuCoin Bonus Program.”

The blog post states that KuCoin will be offering a bonus of 20% for all new users who register and deposit USDT tokens before June 30th, 2019, at 23:59 (UTC +8).

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