La Peseta (PTA): a New Cripto Gem for 2022

In the constant search for financial freedom, people are constantly researching the newest business ideas and launches that may have enough potential to boost their objectives and goals to another level, carrying with them expectations about some project that is under development by a team of professionals.

For cryptocurrencies, this can be considered one of the greatest joys since it is a world that is constantly expanding and requires individuals who are willing to consider among the different options that the cryptocurrency market offers, especially with those that find themselves starting, taking giant steps, and that in turn can offer all the necessary facilities to get the results that a lot of people want to have and want to reach.

Introducing a star

Among the currencies that exist in the market, La Peseta (PTA) appears on the red carpet as one of the most outstanding, since it offers you the opportunity to make daily payments quickly and effectively, which under the veil of the Binance Smart Chain is beginning to show itself as the representation of an antiquity that many Spaniards will be able to remember before the arrival of the Euro.

La Peseta (PTA), from the year 1868 was the existing legal currency in Spain until 2002, after the Euro relieved its position to be consolidated until the present time. However, the mere idea that it can be implemented again already whether by digitized means or through similar mediums has become a huge boost due to its growth in the market, shining again in the nation.

What does it offer?

In addition to being a means of payment, a total of 47 million coins have been calculated in circulation in honor of the Spanish population, and which is divided into the following percentages:

  • 79% in circulation.
  • 19% reserved for burning.
  • 1% for the foundation of La Peseta (PTA) for social works.
  • 1% previously burned in the market.

Within what has been developed, the platforms that are currently supported for the storage and movement of La Peseta (PTA) are Trust Wallet and MetaMask, which have stood out for being the safest for the storage of cryptocurrencies with a high speed for transactions.

Added to this, another of the things that this spectacular currency offers are the rewards to the holders, where people who own PTA or La Peseta tokens will have rewards equivalent to 5% for each purchase, sale and transfer transaction carried out in general for headlines, thus proving that you can increase your daily income.

On the other hand, each transaction carried out has the additional function of allocating 5% to increase the liquidity pool that is completely blocked for the next 2 years, which has been the guarantee for investment holders, offering a unique opportunity to those who decide to make an investment in PTA.


The team behind the development of La Peseta (PTA) is a group of 7 professionals with experience and projections about what is happening in the current market, including people such as Luis Miralles, whose role as CEO is to direct each and every one of them. of the activities to be carried out together with Juan Ferrer and Marco Musumeci.

In turn, these cryptocurrency market professionals have fortunately been accompanied by a series of collaborators who have fulfilled crucial roles in achieving the objectives achieved since the beginning and development of La Peseta (PTA), granting the people of the European Union a unique opportunity.

Road map

Being such a young cryptocurrency, it has been favored with a future projection that will reach its long-term objectives in 2023, which would be the time when not only the time for the liquidity pool will end, but also it will be possible to carry out electronic payments from the Android and IOS application platforms, together with the implementation of business applications.

In addition to this, you will find the ability to offer the people involved a debit card on behalf of La Peseta (PTA), being one of the only cryptocurrencies that will offer the opportunity to continue making payments under the standard of a physical card, giving it originality in comparison to other existing cryptocurrencies in the market.

Within its road map, ways of finding the currency have been developed on different platforms at a social level, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, where people can find additional information about La Peseta (PTA) and respond to potential doubts about the latest.

How to buy it?

The steps to acquire PTA are simple, the first thing to do is acquire a trusted wallet where they can be stored after being purchased, such as Trust Wallet, and make sure that when creating the account the phrase of recovery of 12 words, which can be explained in one of the YouTube videos

Having the account ready, the next step is to click on buy to acquire some Smart Chain BNB, which can be exchanged for PTA tokens after the balance is reflected in the Trust Wallet. Then, the next step is to search for PancakeSwap and use the address offered by the La Peseta platform, which is the following:

Finally, all you have to do afterwards is to go to settings to be able to make the exchange to PTA and configure the slippage at 10 or 12%, set the amount that you want to exchange and click the change button. It is also worth pointing out that the platform offers you a guide of simple steps to follow to perform these movements.


Under the concept and understanding of La Peseta (PTA), a lot of people will have the joy of being able to use a reliable and avant-garde currency for the future, where they will have different advantages that they can take advantage of to make purchases and manage a currency with a high level of security for their transactions, thus showing that any individual in the European Union will be able to carry out transactions in a quick and easy manner, which should be the goal of a lot of people..

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