Launching a website as an author: what plugins do you need?

Having a website is crucial for authors because it allows them to promote themselves and their work, and it’s a way for readers, business partners, and fellow artists to find them and their public information. It’s also very useful for an organization because a person can have everything in one place.

Best author website plugins

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box adds a responsive author box at the end of a post, displaying the author’s biographical information, avatar, description, and the author’s social icons.

Some of the main features Simple Author Box offers are the freedom to customize the theme, design, and style of the author box in question.

Authors can choose which information they want to display, like their biographical information, business email, website, and social icons. It automatically inserts the author box at the end of the chosen post but also offers the option to manually insert it on the template file.

There are also some Pro features authors and content creators can access for $39 a year, like post type support, link control, color control and schemes, guest author assigning, Gutenberg block, premium email support, and more.


Developing a website is not easy and is very time-consuming, and if it’s your first time making one, “under construction” can be written on it for a while.

However, with the UnderConstructionPage plugin, a user can have a coming soon, under construction, or any landing page in a matter of minutes because it’s made to be very simple to use.

There are over 100 templates and more than 400 000 free images users can choose from to develop a page they want.

There is a free version available to download, but it only has a few main features, and 25 unique templates users can try before committing to paying.

The Basic version will cost you $25 a year and the Pro version $39. There are also a few more payment options to fit everyone’s pocket and fulfill every user’s needs.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a plugin similar to UnderConstructionPage. They are both made for “hiding” websites while they’re under construction/maintenance.

It’s really important for sites to still be up on the web while that is happening because it tells visitors that the site will be back soon.

These plugins also let the website still be up for people to discover and visit while it’s in maintenance mode.

Although you can never ignore functionality, the look of a coming soon page is more important than you would believe. That’s exactly what these plugins are focused on.

Coming Soon & Maintenace Mode is, however, not free, and you can get access to features, like over 60 different themes, more than 2 million free images, full rebranding, collecting emails, easy access for clients, and many more, for $39 a year and there are a few more versions for everyone’s needs.


In conclusion, if you’re serious about launching a website, there’s always an easy way to do it. There are a lot of brilliant plugins that can help you develop and construct your website in a short amount of time, and the benefits are endless.


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