Leica S3 Medium Format DSLR Camera

The Leica S3 Medium Format DSLR Camera features an array of powerful lenses. The wide range of available lenses allows you to take stunning images in any light conditions. Aside from the camera’s high optical performance, it is designed to work with Leica S-System lenses. Designed to be an all-weather tool, these lenses are compatible with most medium format DSLR cameras and are available separately. Learn how to pair your Leica S3 with the right lens.

Leica S3

The Leica S3 is a high-performance, multifaceted, and unique medium format DSLR camera. It features a 64MP medium format CMOS sensor and a 15-stop ISO range. Leica S3 reviews will tell you that this camera is ideal for people who want to take amazing photographs. Its performance will leave you speechless. But what exactly is it? Let’s examine this camera in more detail.

The Leica S3 has a 64-megapixel sensor, a whopping 71 percent more than its predecessor. Its ProFormat 30×45 mm sensor matches the aspect ratio of the full-frame 35 mm camera, meaning that you can capture more detail than ever. That means you can print out your photos in large format and still maintain the crystal clarity of the images. The S3 is also designed for versatility.

Leica S-System lenses

The S-System from the Leica Camera Company is known for its top-quality lenses. Designed for maximum optical performance, Leica S-System lenses are known for their amazingly high image quality and exceptional build quality. They render colors and skin tones perfectly, provide excellent contrast rendition, and define planes of focus with exceptional precision. Bokeh is also very neutral and uniform throughout the frame, which makes for an incredible photographic experience.

The Leica S3 is designed for outdoor shooting and comes with splash proof rubber armouring. The S-System offers more flexibility than a traditional medium format camera with its updated predictive autofocus and fast frame rates. The S-System is also designed for shooting professional video footage, with a full HD resolution and shallow depth of field. This medium format DSLR camera is available with the complete S-System lens range.

Leica S-System lenses achieve maximum optical performance

The Leica S3 medium format DSLR camera has the ability to use the entire line of S-System lenses. With the addition of adapters, the Leica S3 is also compatible with other medium format systems. This camera also has various focusing aids. Focus Peaking indicates sharp areas in the image, while grid overlays help to guide the photographer in video recording. You can also record audio at up to 48 kHz/16-bit using the integrated microphone or an off-camera microphone.

The S3 comes with a full lens ecosystem, which includes nine native autofocus lenses, eight primes, and a single zoom lens. A manual focus 120mm tilt-shift lens is also available. In comparison, the Leica S2 lineup included two initial lenses, the 35mm and the 120mm. These are now being replaced by the S-Type 006.

Leica S-System lenses are made to be all-weather tools

The lenses in the Leica S-System are renowned for their outstanding image quality. The S-System lenses range in focal length from 24mm to 180mm, and feature high optical compatibility with medium format lenses from other brands. The camera allows users to shoot everything from news, editorials, and digital features. Adapters are available for a variety of medium format lenses, including Hasselblad H-Lenses.

The S-System features an image and sensor board developed exclusively for Leica. These upgrades result in enhanced image quality, improved noise characteristics, and accuracy of white balance. The Leica S features a grey card option that allows photographers to shoot a neutral grey area before defining the white balance. The grey card option is a useful tool for ensuring the precise mood of the image and avoiding camera shakes when shooting in poor light.

Leica S3 price

The Leica S3 medium format DSLR camera is a high performing and unique 35mm digital camera from Leica. It features a 64mp CMOS medium format sensor and an ISO range of 15 stops. In addition, the camera offers a range of features and benefits that make it a versatile option. Here are some pros and cons of the Leica S3 medium format DSLR camera price. Read on to learn more about this unique camera.

The Leica S3 is made with a magnesium alloy frame and is covered with a black natural rubber. It is easy to grip and doesn’t have any labels on the camera. It also features customizable dials and buttons that respond to long presses. The camera’s control dial can be turned to switch between modes. The S3’s weight is approximately eight pounds. It will cost $18,995 for a body-only version. First units are expected to ship in March 2020.

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