Look At The Different Types Of Leather Material Used For Belts

Gone are the days when you would consider leather belts as a tool to tie trousers. In today’s modern world, we use leather belts as a symbol of class, elegance, and style.

Leather belts have evolved; we now have various trends and varieties to fit different occasions, events, and outfits. Whether you have a formal experience, a casual outing, or a party, there is a perfect leather belt accessory to fit your requirements.

There are diverse materials used that make leather belts a popular accessory. Look at the different kinds of leather material used for straps.

The Different Types Of Leather Materials Used For Belts

1.   Lizard Compression Leather

The genuine Lizard compression leather is a sleek and stylish material in the fashion world that is used to design great belts. These belts have a glossy finish achieved by a strategic cut to show a combination of large and small patterns. This exotic leather material gives you attention from those around you and creates a powerful statement in your next formal event.

The common lizard scales used to make these belts include the Teju lizard, Ring lizard, and Nile lizard. These lizards lack calcium deposits in their scales, making them flexible and easy to cut or reshape. Low calcium deposits make it easy to dye and bleach if you want a uniform color.

2.   Hornback Alligator Leather

The Hornback alligator belt is from the center back section of a saltwater crocodile. The leather from this portion is bone free compared to other crocodilians making the quality uncompromised.

Alligator skin has raised scuta, creating a three-dimensional quality essential for tanning and dying. It also has a finishing of cowhide backing suitable for your casual wear

The Hornback alligator belt features elevate your outfit to the next level for any event. The material is suitable for men’s leather belts because of the lustrous and stylish multi-textured design. If you want to purchase this belt and are unsure where to start, visit the site for exclusive varieties and deals.

3.   Water Buffalo Leather

The water buffalo leather is an extremely durable yet voguish material for any jeans. This material upgrades your intermittent look with its fantastic colors and enriched texture.

It is made of 100% natural African water buffalo skin making it an excellent material for mens leather belts. Exotic mens leather belts of this material have additional accessories of brushed nickel buckles.

4.   Suede Ostrich Men’s Leather Belts

The Suede ostrich leather is another material that can be used in men’s leather belts and be the center of attraction. Companies use this leather material from ostrich hides to make belts.

Belts made of this material have an extremely captivative design allowing you to stand out from everyone. They have extremely supple leather that can last for many decades to come. The Suede ostrich leather belts also incorporate nickel buckles and single-loop keeper accessories.


Belts of leather materials come in diverse qualities but are all built to last long. Unlike synthetic materials, leather belts are unique and give you the confidence to show up for any event. Try any of the above materials for a remarkable experience.

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