Los Angeles car accident lawyer: 5 easy tips to choose one

You have endured injuries in a car accident in Los Angeles and want to sue the party responsible for the same. California is a fault state, which certainly allows you to recover a settlement, but as the claimant, you are expected to provide evidence and prove that the other party was negligent. The state laws are meant to help claimants, and even when you are a fault for the same mishap, you may recover compensation, depending on the circumstances. One of the first and critical steps in the process is to hire a Los Angeles car accident lawyer. If you are unsure of where to start, we have five tips below for your help.

  1. Get an appointment. Most accident lawyers don’t charge anything to review new claims and lawsuits, and if you have shortlisted a few law firms, it makes sense to schedule an appointment. This gives you a window to know the lawyer, understand if they are interested in your case, and whether they have credible experience.
  2. Specific experience matters. Personal injury lawsuits range from medical malpractice to product defect-related injuries, and you need an attorney with years of experience working on car accident cases. Ensure that the lawyer is aware of the complications common to such matters and can offer insights on your claim.
  3. Check the fee. You won’t have to pay an attorney immediately after hiring them. Injury lawyers usually take a contingency fee, which is a fixed share of the final settlement. However, in your best interests, ensure that you check the price of the accident lawyer, which should not go beyond 40%. For typical cases, lawyers take 33% of the final compensation.
  4. Look for online reviews. While most attorneys will be more than happy to offer references, you should check online reviews to know if a lawyer or law firm has a good reputation among other clients and peers. Keep in mind that too many bad reviews are a red flag, but most people are likely to post negative feedback over positive reviews.
  5. Comfort matters. Did you have a hard time contacting the lawyer’s office? Did the accident lawyer answer all your questions? Did they make you feel at ease and ensure that there were open lines for communication? These are some key things that matter because your car accident claim will continue for at least a while.

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